Today I got a game of NBA 2K20 ONLINE for yall where I played ZackTTG in playnow using the Clippers & Celtics Hopefully y’all enjoy the vid and if u do be …



49 thoughts on “NBA 2K20 Play Now Online Gameplay VS ZackTTG! INSANE POSTERIZING DUNKS!”

  1. And for the love of God blow by’s are a good thing. In 2k19 it was way too difficult for any player to pass a defender when you clearly had the angle. Certain players specifically need to be able to blow by players easily. Doesn’t mean you should score each time. Especially if the defense collapses on you. I’m going to be pissed if I can’t blow by a defender with LeBron or Harden for example.

  2. They most likely will have to nerf Defense in this game. It’s actually easier playing a tough human opponent than the CPU most times in 2K. The problem is they don’t know how to translate difficulty on the higher difficulty levels. Every player on the CPU is a lockdown defender on all-star and up. Not to mention the CPU can be unrealistically responsive to loose balls. It frustrating! I usually stop playing 2K midway through the NBA season for these reasons I mentioned.

  3. I just hope they don’t overpatch blowbys but make it more skill based. If the offensive guy gets their first, he should blow by. If the defensive guy slides over and gets their it should be a stop. 2k18 was too heavy on blowbys and 2k19 it was too easy to cut people off. 2k20 needs to be a mix and be more dependent on user skill

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