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40 thoughts on “NBA 2K22 For Nintendo Switch REVIEW – Dunk Or Air Ball?”
  1. I still haven't played a game in every location but does anyone have the problem with the Staple Center the lighting is terrible on the switch the players look like they are playing in the dark

  2. Thanks man. I definitely watched your 21 and 20 version. I’m thinking about getting a Switch Lite, but wanted to make sure ima have a decent gaming experience. I’m definitely a big NBA fan, so it’s really good to hear you say this, I got a lil worried after the 21 review (after playing it on Xbox) but ima definitely pick up 22 now. Thanks again.

  3. Anybody had any luck getting your asension board to work after it gets glitched stuck. Can't get my asension boards to work for level 40 grind or draft modes.😤

  4. I stopped getting it on the Switch because the creation community is basically non existent but if that has improved I may get the switch version again and I never use the shot stick I shoot with the buttons lol

  5. Downloaded nba 2k21 for 5e be4 3 months and shooting was broken, dont know if i scored 5 times from outside when in same moment its imposibile to miss free throws even on a difficulty 100, is it that fixed in nba 2k22 version?

  6. I'm still in shock on how 2K can pull off this level of in-game presentation on the Switch, when Madden and Fifa can't do better on full blown consoles and PC. The total gulf of care and attention to detail between the two companies is still so horribly apparent. 

    Still, I skipped out on NBA2k1 for reasons of what they did with last year's port, but what I see here, this looks like something I'd pick up. (Still won't touch the card pack modes. I'd be more inclined to pick up the games without them. But it does look like a lot of effort is put into the game modes I care about.) Still, 40 Gigs. Wow. It's up to taking up most of the dual-layer bluray space. I guess this is where Sports games have come to in terms of texture sizes and stuff. I'll definitely be checking this out in portable mode.

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