New Elixir Golem Gameplay in Clash Royale – Today we take a sneak peak at the newest card coming soon to clash royale, elixir golem! Today we try out 5 …


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  1. Hi Shane! I love your videos you are my most absolute favorite Clash Royale Youtube Gamer. I have been playing about 5-7 months and I have made it to arena 12 I'm so excited! My name in the game is Eagle Warrior and I would like you to use my deck in your dirtiest deck series. I call my deck the Prince Mega Miner Deck! I have no clue what kind of deck you would classify it as. But I would very much like you to use it. The Cards are Mega Minion, Poison, Tombstone, Prince, Miner, Megaknight, Baby D, and Barbarian Barrel! Hope I see you play it soon! Thanks Shane keep making the vids!

  2. Hey Shane I have a deck I want you to look at was wondering if theres a way I could give it to you. It became apparent in the last meta and it's been giving me wins forever now. Not an 100% win deck but its durable and nice. Please let me know if you can! I dont care if it makes a video. Idc if you use it just wanna know your thoughts on it.

  3. Love your videos. Just an idea: you should do a segment where we submit a deck for you to try and win as many matches out of 10 tries to see if the deck is good. I know I have a few off meta decks that works well for me but Iā€™m curious to see how a pro would do with it. Keep up the good work!


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