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32 thoughts on “New EREBUS GIVEAWAY: War Robots Mk3 HEL Gameplay WR”
  1. 🔥 How To Participate? 🔥

    1.: Subscribe To This Channel & activate the Notification Bell

    2.: Share the Video around where you can please

    3.: Post your ID & Platform in the comments below

    4.: Winners announced somewhere near October 24-25th

    Ps.: Prizes can take up to 3 weeks to arrive (but are usually faster)

    PPs.: ID spamming results in getting your ID blacklisted. Don't do it.

  2. it is embarrassing to see these things, this PIXONIC company does not respect the players or fair play, allows all kinds of cheating in the game and does bad matching on purpose, and even so there are evil people who support them, I got bored of putting video showing the traps they do, even false advertising of the game show and nobody does anything, total crime and abuse

  3. Android id KP5XWX NAME Heremyjshh keep up the good work and never give up I things get hope I am lucky to win this time I am so lucky to be supporting you

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