New Gameplay of the Massive Fallout 3 Remake Mod

Today we look at some of the exciting upcoming mods for Fallout 4. The main focus of this video is around a brand new gameplay trailer for Fallout 4: The …


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Comment (22)

  1. Oh man, fantastic to hear that this is still going.
    Also the ghouls looks fantastic, I would immediately download a mod that replaces all F4 ghouls with these tbh. F4 ghoul designs is effing shameful.

    Great to see GRIM, I might even try it out over my Pilgrim/FROST setup.

  2. Let's be honest this is just another reason not to buy fallout 76 just save your money dubious mode it's a lot better it's probably free It will give you a better time and over all is well done so yeah this is just another reason not to waste your money on 76


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