New Gameplay Today – Control

Game Informer’s Brian Shea, Ben Hanson, and Matt Kato play through an extended section of Control from Remedy (captured at E3 2019) and show off some of …


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  1. Looks like it needs more polish,but doesn't have enough time for said polish. That's a shame because I really want remedy to make another great game. Last time was Microsoft's fault, but who's is it now? 505 games?

  2. Man the more of this game I see the more excited I get. Combat looks fun, graphics looks great, the story and concept looks weird and fascinating, not to mention the explosions looks super cool and trippy. And those freaky contorted enemies look terrifyingly cool. Can't wait to play it myself!

  3. Sorry but this looks average at best:She looks like 18-20 and is supposed to be the ne new Director of this "Facility"?It looks chaotic,especially the Gameplay.I get bad Quantum Break Flashbacks when i watch this.Looks like an hybrid of Alan wake and Quantum Break in terms of Combat and Enemys.With an generic and obviously unbalanced telekinesis Ability.After the terrible,terrible Quantum Break, i am really catious with Remedy Games.Looks like Sam Lake is following the Kojima-Obsession and tries to build an Bridge between Cinema and Gaming,Instead of making a good Game.But it still doesnt explain the Failure named Quantum Break.It was pure Shit,on every layer.

  4. You know i was interested in this since the cover story, but idk seeing the conversations and hearing her inner monologue thing kind of made it more appealing lol. I'm just weird i guess lol. But the game looks really fun and fluid


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