New Gameplay Today – Overwatch 2's Story Experience

Reiner and Leo sit down to show off a full playthrough of the first mission of Overwatch 2’s PVE story experience, pieced together from multiple runs with multiple …



32 thoughts on “New Gameplay Today – Overwatch 2's Story Experience”

  1. People complaining that this game should not be $60 but a free dlc because all they are adding is new missions . . . except that that's literally what's happening. OW1 players can play what OW2 has except for the PVE missions, which will most likely be $30 expansion for owners of OW1.

    Remember guys, Activision-Blizzard owns Overwatch, and they did the same model with Destiny. Will it do good though, probably not, but who knows?

  2. This seems great to me until I remember there's also a PvP mode so there's a strong possibility that nerfs/buffs in PvP will affect PvE as well. I say this as someone who played Destiny from D1 launch until Shadowkeep. Having 2 modes means either one mode's gonna get more attention, both modes won't get enough attention or nerfs in one mode cripple the other. Still remember the days in D1 when Invective was viable for PvE then a PvP nerf killed the gun's PvE viability.

  3. I don't understand this Overwatch 2 hate. I understand (and respect) the Blizzard hate, but this game looks just fine. People have been getting everything for free for YEARS, and everything PVP related for this is also coming for free for everyone who bought the original, which is a 4 year-old game BTW. Also, people have been asking for a story mode since the game was announced.

  4. They are gonna have overwatch one and two players on the same server. But overwatch 2 is a new engine with new game design. So how is that possible? They say that you'll see everything different depending on what game you're playing. I imagine that at some point one will fall off but they seem insistent on keeping the servers. Now that's for switch ps4 and xbone. So when the new generation of consoles drop…. I'm just… Obviously they could probably go ahead and have them cross compatible with them as well? But then how do we feel about the 60 dollar charge for a paint job. Like I'll need to see more than cosmetic upgrades for it to be worth it.

  5. One-dimensional levels with bare bones exposition and dull story. Not even a scoreboard to look at at the end to stroke your ego. Oh, boy, so fun to play, so fun to watch. It's like a shittier version of the game that was released a decade ago. Imagine people are gonna actually buy this shit 😂 😂 😂