New GOBLIN CAGE Gameplay! Clash Royale New Card May Update

New GOBLIN CAGE Gameplay (using developer build) New Card Update 2019 – New Clash Royale Card is a Building Hybrid, turns into a Goblin Brawler Once …


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  1. If you're looking for concepts that make no sense,try using any of the skeletons that use bombs,like how does the bomb explode on impact if the fuse isn't even gone,like the bomber can walk all the way across the arena while it's lit but it only explodes when it lands? Same as the balloon,like how can it fly from America to Africa while the fuse is lit but only explodes when it hits something?!! Anyway that was just kinda triggering me,I have a lot more but I would sit here and rant till 2020,but anyway,keep it up👍.

  2. You made a video that you hate the star points and THEN I saw you having all gold skins of every card in your deck with about 9300000 star points.
    I am not even lvl 13 yet.

    You also say that you are not a good player BUT this good placement while talking and this much knowledge. You are nearly The skills of CWA Mobile Gaming.

  3. Ay super cell why not make a new dragon namely drankey
    P.s. to all that dont know what is that its basicly the child of donkey and a dragon
    P.p.s. dont ask how they made it cause it was terrible😱😷😵😣🤒😰


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