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New Hunter (Sister Ann) and New Map (Golden Cave) Gameplay in Identity V! Let’s explore the new map with the new hunter in identity v! Sister ann actually fits …


42 replies on “NEW HUNTER + NEW MAP GAMEPLAY! – Identity V”

When mama Ann vault the window it’s like dream witch Kawakamie tomie skin vaulting.
And when mama Ann break pallet it’s like evil reptilian breaking pallets.
Wait I have a pawsome theory maybe the second exit gate (down stair) in map golden cave is the other side of the exit gate that next to boat in lakeside village map 🙀what do you think grizzly?

If i get this map as hunter I'm gonna cringe so hard😵as a survivor im gonna scream to the top of my longs but one more thing for all u people who say he's useless I'd like to see u say it now😜 he's a must here like priestess is a must at the park

My only concern is that devs added an extra ability button to this hunter so she has 2 presence skills plus her jump skill plus the hunter perk. So now they sneakily added an extra skill while survivor keep getting only one skill. Not sure it's very fair tbh other than that map looks fun.

Hey Grizzly…what about the Priestess…can she use her floor portals to switch between the floors??
And also if she places her super portal on the surface floor of the map & someone from the 2 other floors responds then literally we can have access to 2 floors…& its just wow😍😍…i just can't wait to play in this map🤩🤩 & yeah I'm a Priestess main