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23 thoughts on “NEW Mobile GACHA Game Releases SEPTEMBER 2021!!!”
  1. Girl Cafe Gun. Very f2P-friendly game. Infinite reroll at the start of the game
    You can basically get all heroes and weapons even if u don't spend. .and Limit break, enchance, them etc. Easily.

  2. World Flipper is pretty crap. It's like dragalia lost. Little weird creeper nintendo weebs will love it with the cutesy horrible music but there's no depth and the "combat" is braindead.

    Stoked for revived witch.

    Chibis are suck.

  3. Dislyte is dope. Unique character designs, fast loading, smooth gameplay and has the best game soundtrack in my opinion BUT, i have a bad experience with Lilith Games, some of their games are hardcore p2w.

  4. im ready for something with quality. SW style game. with raid quality characters (realistis fantasy not anime) or something that's fun to play not super super grindy that gets kucked by PTW or PTW PVP

    pve only or DBZ style something new updated would be fun. but im just bored and don't really care for any games right now. just watching and seeing what comes out.

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