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35 thoughts on “NEW Nintendo Switch Online Games INCOMING? + Sonic Fans Get GOOD NEWS!”
  1. Greetings from New Zealand. I'm retired now, I'm a Ninty fanboy, have been for years, you are my number 1 source of up to date Ninty News, I like you, your style, your enthusiasm, don't go changing. I watch your videos more than one elses.

  2. What’s sad is we’re a generation that grew up with South Park and family guy and yet most people are so easily offended. Keep doin you bro!

  3. Eternal Champions was garbage first of all and stop whining about what you want for Genesis if they never put up anything for NES Super NES and stuff like that they're not going to listen to you they're going to milk it because their games I would never gets old and then going to keep you waiting you are so f**** lost

  4. It doesn't matter if there's a market they don't want the reputation tarnished like you don't understand how f**** corporations work if they want to put on a s*** game because they don't think anyone will care because Nintendo switch owners are f**** morons because they think they're going to get these good games when their system is can barely hold up a f**** tent then they make that kind of game and then they want to do retribution for this figure that I'm going to make a new game but let's make sure that we listen to the audience and we tried to get away with the scam so now we're going to fix it so they should be commended for that who cares if there's a market for it at least I try to do the right thing instead of just leaving it there so the obvious answer is there trying to fix it stupid like are you doing this just for views or you literally this stupid like when you criticize Montano for buying land there a different company and it's what they wanted to do and it's going to help them not go to America but keep it right next door so they can keep an eye on it I'm not paying for all the cost that involved of opening another Branch they don't need an American brands its fans need Nintendo Nintendo doesn't need America

  5. Cool video RGT 85.

    Ark is a decent Game on the other systems and it'll be nice too see a decent version on the Switch, not sure if that'll help the Sales of this Game tho.

    Sonic Origins is looking really neat and is also looking like an instant Pickup aswell guys.

    Hopefully more Games for the Switch Online Service will happen soon.

  6. Am I the only one that is worried that the ARK thing is an April Fools thing to get us to by one of the worst done game so we can get a "discount" on the "new version". I was looking forward to ARK until the reviews came out.

  7. I'm looking forward to a good version of Ark Survival Evolved on the Switch. If they pull this off, they could become the best survival game on the entire system.

    Of course, they will have to compete with No Man's Sky!

  8. People really got upset over Mia Khalifa’s face? I would have to imagine those people get upset over any old thing and they’re better off ignored

  9. RGT, don't change who you are. Voice your opinion. We tune in to to hear your opinion. I don't believe that I'm the only one that believes that, either.

  10. people are looking to be offended. keep being you. the day I stopped caring what people thought about me was the day my life greatly improved. what people think of you is none of your business and say more about them than you.

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