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50 thoughts on “New Pokemon Snap – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 – Meganium Illumina Pokemon! (Nintendo Switch)”
  1. You cant select photos where the illumina effect isnt shoeing wich means if the pokemon wasnt glowing on the photo means iy dosent count. It is just a regular pokemon what makes it illuminous is if it happens to glow or not I guess. Because from what i know that isnt a legendary or anything.

  2. I wish meganium looked like that in the main series game 3D models lmao….. in Sword and Shield she was like a pale green and a pale pink flower and just floated like a balloon opening her mouth completely lifeless

  3. "WhErE's ThE 3-StAr?" Have you not payed attention to your tutorials??? Use the frikkin focus point man… you only zoom in on its head all the time. You need to get the whole pokemon in the picture and try to shoot while you focus on the square that appears on a pokemon.

  4. TODD!!! So if you don't know, Todd was our character from the first pokemon Snap game and also a character from the anime. What makes me really surprised is they actually aged him up! He looks like a adult now!

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