New SHIELD BREAKER Module Test Server Gameplay War Robots WR

War Robots Test Server Gameplay of the Newest Version of the Shield Breaker Module that goes through energy shields in WR. I think that this is the best …


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  1. I think that this is the best version of the Shield Breaker module so far. I wonder, though, if it is intended for the shields to still deplete on top of the pass-through of damage.
    And generally – I am still not sure if we need a shield breaker at all of if it's not better to simply balance the absorber shields directly.

  2. To counter the tanks they brought stealth bots.
    To counter dash they brought lockdown
    To counter stealth they brought quantum radar
    To counter high damage they brought suppression
    To counter all the effects now they brought anticontrol and phase shift.
    Now above all to destroy the shields they brought shield breaker….
    From above those things it's clear that in order to hide their failures they're just doing the idiotic things…
    In olden days the real game name is Walking WarRobots,
    Just a simple robot game would've been better without these idiotic things…

  3. If this becomes a thing, I’m seeing about an Apple refund for the stuff I paid for upgrading an Ares with “impenetrable shield”.

    You can’t sell something for real money as impenetrable and then just change it once sold. This is BS

    Also, love the videos Manni 👍

  4. While Shield Breaker is a dumb idea, I think we still need ways to counter Ares train. I think they just need to turn the purple shield to Aegis shield with retribution ability, so you can damage the purple shield, but the Ares can shoot back with high damage retribution. Currently, there is no reason to shoot at a purple shield, with this change, at least there is a reason to shoot at it and knowing you will get hit back much harder. This also give them more ways to balance the Ares, like how much HP is the purple shield, and how much damage it can absorb and return back, etc.

  5. I believe that this module should affect only Pantheon robots, like Ares, Nemezis and Hades… With this module robots like Fernir, Bulwark, Haechi will get destroyed too easy. Robots with energy and yellow shield are already easy to counter. Make this module to work only on Pantheons!!!

  6. Ares problem = solution– shield breaker.
    shield breaker problem (screwing people who bought fortifiers, Mk2 Ancile, Haechi, Carnage and Fujin Shields) — another solution that creates more problems.

    If SB comes out I'll be maxing my Hydras and be as annoying to everyone lol 😆


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