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50 thoughts on “NEW Xbox Series X Upgrades Revealed | Microsoft Confirm Xbox Game Updates And Biggest Upgrades Yet”
  1. I wish Sony and Microsoft would trade a few first party titles, MS gives Sony Gears, Halo, State of Decay, Starfield, Stalker 2 and so on for God of War, Days Gone, Last of Us, Demon Souls, Ghost of Tsushima and so on! It's stupid they don't just make em for each system after a certain time point.

  2. Why would you pay 140 for the 500 GB when you could get a 2 TB for 200 bucks I mean 60 more buck And you have way more space now someone like me who already has a 2 TB and just want a little extra space that 500 GB would be perfect

  3. Of course it should have been done in the first place… But that's not a good business model. Their model is upgradability as with everything…. Phones cars… Each year making a few subtle changes yet adding a hefty extra on the price tag and everyone wants it. It's a tried and proven marketing strategy.

  4. My thoughts on MS 1st party games… there are none yet really. Disappointed with that a.d tye longer it takes the more they will fall behind ps. God of War on pc. Who cares. Why ps fan boys care I don't get it. Really the more revenue they can make means GOW 3 will happen. Now that consoles are basically pc's it's a no branier for them.

  5. oof crying about raytracing on halo, nobody cares, raytracing for now is just a gimmick give me a break, no hardware can push full raytraced environments for the next coulpe of years, maybe in 10 years or something?

  6. I personally will not pick up any of the storage options, I download the game on my HDD which if it is a X/S game then I move to internal HDD and play. I am not spending the ridiculous amount of money they want gouging customers on storage. Does anybody remember the 360 storage cards? Soon as I saw this garbage xbox was pushing I had flashbacks of these memory cards. I mean I also have a 1TB SSD and many games run from those just fine that are not S/X. But I'm not played 50 games at the same time either. MS, you can stick these prices! That's my 2 cents anyway, not that anybody cares lol.

  7. The price of the 2TB is the same price as other hard drives. Microsoft isn't over charging. If you look around it pretty much the same price. I agree those prices are ridiculous but it is what it is.

  8. dad of war to PC, here's what i think. i don't game on PC. PC gamers haven't had the opportunity to play that game on their PC. For those who want to, good for them, now that they can.

  9. no ray tracing on halo series x?.. maybe the series x is not as powerful as people have making it out to be.. Heck the ps5 supposedly does not have hardware for raytracing yet it manages to implement it even if its software based ray tracing..

  10. Ahhh what!? F’ u Microsoft! U want me 2pay 3/4 the price of the series x console 2get 2TBs of extra space? Wtffffff!? Why the fuuudge r u raping on the price? Why aren’t they making it the same price as an SSD external maybe a little more? 1TB=$85-100 4seagate garbage & they sell 4that price & the companies still make money. now you force us to use an exclusive, unique external ssd that is almost double the price? Wtf? I’ve been on the “Xbox 1st” train 4 years but jeez I’m unhappy w/these extreme prices! I have 8TB on my 1x (I don’t go past 65% full) & if I get my hands on a series x I would like to have those games transferred onto SSDs ready 2play. I have 2tb ssd I bought almost two years ago for 1/2 their current asking price! Such a joke😠they are on some grimy Apple bullshit. I just got a PS5, & I am getting ready to upgrade the internal drive to 2TBs, do y’all know how much a 2TB will run me? Yeah wayyy cheaper! F’ u Microsoft & F’ u Seagate… grimy f’n dirtbags… no games having ass system!? “They bought this company & that company.. u just wait!” blah blah blah show me 🔥games! F’n 3 exclusive games 2 of which have been around forever.. so whats new? oh oh ohhh! “state of decay” 😑

  11. If anyone was paying attention this would have been common sense in the first place also I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo ends up doing the same thing as well.

  12. Xbox series X with its powerful 12 teroflops is amazing! It's only competitor is PC with an RTX 3090. Sony with its 10 teraflops is basically a PS4 pro just overclocked.

  13. In my opinion…Far Cry 6 is the best the series has ever been. I’m not saying that it has the absolute best of every element, but I am saying that it has an extremely high level of polish across the board. Gameplay wise…i.e. gunplay, gameplay loop, fluidity of movement, and general mechanics…I do think that particular aspect of FC6 is the gold standard of the series so far. I thought the story was great…even if the overall main plot was the standard evil dictator routine…the characters were very memorable throughout and the side stories that were woven into the main narrative were top notch and wildly entertaining. The game made me laugh out loud multiple times(I’m looking at you Chicharron), it always had me guessing at what would happen next, took risks with big characters, and really, really made me hate the big bad guy. It was kind of the opposite of Far Cry 3 in a way. In Far Cry 3, Vaas was the most intriguing part of the story and you’ll never forget him…but I couldn’t tell you anything about the side characters today…and you interacted with them the most lol. In FC6, while the villain did a great job, it was the supporting cast and random side characters that really shone. Also…the game is flippin’ beautiful. All that to say I agree. Far Cry 6 is a fantastic game in virtually all respects, and it was a blast from start to finish. p.s. I played it on the series x and it ran smooth as butter 99.9% of the time. In the 96 hours of my first playthrough I had one random crash and the sound glitched up maybe 4 times for a few seconds. The rest of the time it was pretty much flawless with a very stable framerate no matter how much chaos was going on at the time. I know some folks bash Ubisoft for this or that…but they have to be in the top 3 or 4 devs in the business at making massive, gorgeous, and addictively fun open world games. Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, The Division, Watchdogs, etc. They may not be for everyone but they are right up my alley for sure lol. Happy gaming everyone!

  14. I really want to know how many games does one play at any one time? I see people complaining about the series s because well it only has 300 something gigs and it's small very small but if you attach an hdd like 2tb on you can just install games straight to the hdd and then move them to the internal ssd when you want to play that game..

  15. We aren't shocked, the fuck are you talking about? Give Sony your money to play games we've been done with for years. Make Sony more money. Till the games come to Xbox. I really could care less.😁

  16. I'm genuinely enjoying Far Cry 6. Not getting tired of it. But the one game I'm really really really waiting for is Dying Light 2. Was supposed to come this spring. Than December 7th. Now February 4th. Can't wait!

  17. Are you talking about Xbox Play Anywhere titles at the end of the video? Where you mention a free pc copy? There's only 20 titles, but I'm rooting for more.

  18. Expansion cards make it go faster? Hate sony they gave me a rootkit virus and didn't apologize proplery or give compensation i hold grudge foreva. I will consider gow pc tho.

  19. As a gamer who started back in the Atari days, I'll say it again as a GAMER, who plays games on Xbox Series X, PS5, Switch, I have to say the toxic nature on all sides is absolutely ridiculous, just enjoy gaming stop talking stop hating, and just play you're games, happy gaming to all 👍🏼👌🏽

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