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20 thoughts on “Nintendo in 2021: The Review”
  1. Nintendo to me meant nostalgia and quality, and I'm genuinely worried this enjoyment is slowly being taken away from me. It's starting more and more to mean laziness, cash grab, frustration at how better it could be.

  2. I can't believe Arlo or for that matter the entire comment section aren't talking about Nintendo's C&D letter to SML

    And also what went on between Nintendo and Disney to get Sora in Smash

  3. I believe that The switch in terms of first party games is getting hit after hit, in terms of third party games is the leftover console because it has port washed down of the bigger systems.

  4. I say 2021 was about as good as 2018. Some good hitters but also some droughts but I honestly think this year, 2022 will be filled with games and will be like 2017 again. Actually it's better than 2018.

  5. Despite what many people say, I think 2021 was a pretty great year for Nintendo and gaming as a whole, and while Nintendo’s 2021 was riddled with controversies I still think they had a banger showing this year.

  6. I got a Switch for Christmas in 2020 so 2021 was really the year of Nintendo for me. I bought WAY more than I thought and I’ve used this console as a way to jump into franchises I’ve never tried before. Can’t wait for 2022

  7. Pretty weak year, nothing must have. I did get Skyward Sword HD since I never had a Wii but I was really dissapointed by it.
    The most exciting thing all year was the Project Triangle Strategy demo, I've never played this kind of SRPG before and now I'm really hyped for the full game.

  8. I still feel like the NSO problem is being a bit overblown when you can get it down to $20 a year with just three other people, and down to $10 if you can get seven people in. I agree that the emulation should be better, but it's also possible to get NSO+ for $10 a year which is an amazing deal that I feel like should be brought up but you never do.

  9. As I was shopping at Aldi earlier and got unusually excited about one specific cool thing that you only see once a year max, the rest of the year being shopping in a pretty limited, bare essentials place, I realize I had essentially trapped myself in another Nintendo situation where you're loyal for years without knowing why, left pretty neglected, then you basically get one super awesome shining moment once in a blue moon.

    That Nintendo moment being Metroid Dread.

  10. Hi Arlo! Just wanted to say I got Metroid Dread and I am absolutely loving it!!!! I’ve never played a Metroid game before so this is my first and It is so much fun! I plan on going back through the series, I wanna play all the other games!

  11. On the note of positives and maybe its just my preferences but between holiday last year and now with SMT I've never gotten that much use out of a Nintendo console. I played so many long form RPGs that I actually got burned out and all of them were on the Switch save for Tales of Arise. I'm pleasantly surprised and this almost feels like Nintendo circa 2014 when a whole string of massive titles came on the Wii U but none of those had gripped me for the length that much less popular titles did for the Switch

    On the note of the charging more money for mediocre stuff. I've given up on NSO and I don't even play online titles anymore. I wanted to get into Ultimate when it came out but my area does not support better internet. If it did I'd have bought it in a heartbeat. I had to turn off whatever option they had for auto-pay for Nintendo Online. Its cheap which I appreciate and this should have been the model going forward. If you pay for Nintendo online an additional 10 dollar ala PS+ would have been fine instead of charging almost 80 dollars.

    You might be right. They are pushing the wall here because some part of Nintendo knows they can't do what a lot of Western companies do with their core audiences.

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