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47 thoughts on “Nintendo LISTENED! Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack CHANGED…”
  1. Definitely agree with you on this! Nintendo expansion pass needs to do more, I know its really early, but unless their are tones more content by October I cant imagine people still paying! I'm waiting on majora's mask! 😅

  2. why cant they just bring goldeneye…. they can bring banjo so they can bring goldeneye and perfect dark! this is soooo horrible… why are they like that ??? why do they love to set up the fans ?

  3. Ditch the Animal Crossing DLC since I don't play it and Genesis games, give me a 20$ service and I'd be on board with NES, SNES and N64 games. Genesis Collection is already available on Switch, it takes about a gigabyte of space, they only take too much space for the 50$ value that is pretty much unnecessary. They should have gone with GBA games included on expansion pass instead.

  4. Another thing is that if games come everyone month, you have to remember your nso ep lasts for only 12 months. Lets say a game you have been dying to play comes out in 11 months, then you'd only be able to play it for a month or however long you have left to play. And YOU DON'T KEEP THE ACNH DLC OR ANY OF THE N64 AND GENESIS GAME. You rent them!

  5. I think this is garbage, like you could already play all of the games that they are offering with the service on virtual console on the wiiu. On the way you can just handpick them, but on the online service we’re getting classics like caveman ninja. Wtf. I’m gonna cry because of his stupid ass service.

  6. I"m not a so big AC fan, I buyed the expansion so now I can Play on my work way in the train N64 at my Switch! I love the games from my childhood

  7. Paper Mario also takes a weekend to beat. I thought they would drop 6 games every 3 months or something but maybe I'll just cancel my subscription tell everything is added Nintendo is the worst consumer friendly gaming company and I think I'm just going to stick to buying major Zelda games and ignore everything

  8. I'm going to say it. Sick of remasters and retro games. I want new games. Like a new mario kart 9, odyssey 2, mario party superstars boards/DLC. etc. Yes the ability to play is convenient. Perhaps earn more points on purchases?. Discounts on games exclusive to expansion pack owners?. It's just not worth it at the moment.

  9. You can give Nintendo everything you own and become homeless and they would lower the rate they release N64 games down to 1 game every 5 months

  10. I still feel like online play should be free and the expansion pack should be combined with the default NSO 20$ (or 30$ … Or even 20 + 5 to 10 per console addon after the default one of the base pack)

  11. Happy Home Paradise IS stand-alone. I purchased it and I don’t have the NSO expansion. They just don’t advertise the stand alone one because they want you to buy the whole package. But rest assured it IS there

  12. I love paper Mario & Banjo, but I agree the service needs to be better. For us that need family memberships (I share with my younger sister) there needs to be more content. And I think we should get more than one game a month, there were soooo many Nintendo 64 games. I’m still waiting for them to add a couple more favorites from my childhood like Donkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing, the original Super Smash bros, Mario Party 2 & 3. Or if they are adding gameboy give us like 2 64 games and 2 gameboy games a month. I really want them to add gameboy and put Pokémon leaf green/fire red & Pokémon ruby, sapphire, & emerald.

    I also about the family expansion pack because I loved 64 that’s what I grew up with, & my sister and I are big animal crossing fans but they definitely need to do more for us.

  13. I like how he said the two biggest titles of the n64 but smash bros was also a hit in my opinion still holds up and I didn’t even grow up in that time lol

  14. Nintendo is arrogant, they think they can keep rehashing the same games over and over. How often do they do something for their fan's and customers. Look at what Microsoft is doing with Gamepass. Which is a 1000 time's better deal.

  15. I'm still not hype for Banjo Kazooie because it'll regress back to the note high score system instead of the far superior note system from the Xbox 360 version.

  16. I agree with you. $50 is too much for just those few N64 games. I say they release a whole lot more before I upgrade. 1 game per month isn’t enough. 12 in 1 year seems too small and we all don’t live forever. So just release as many as they can now while we are alive!

  17. the only reason I even have online service for nintendo is because I need the cloud service and the nes and snes are a nice gimmick I use. I just think the n64/genesis stuff add- on is too expensive. I f they would have upped the online by 5 bucks and included it I would have been ok with it….

  18. I'll just go to the local used game store and buy an N64 (if I didn't already own one) and get the games I want, not the ones Nintendo tells me to want.

  19. Why do u think only animal crossing fans like this I’ve never played the game and I love the expansion pass mostly because I wasn’t old enough to see these games come out so stop some people like this not only animal crossing fans good grief

  20. Nintendo switch online is a waste. You pay 60 for psn or gold and get two relatively new games every month. 3 if you count the ps5 game offered or tge xbox/360 game. For 50 you get decades old games whenever the hell nintendo wants. I love retro gaming was an 80s baby and 90s kid but that is not value. Decades old games are not worth the price. Especially since the n64 really doesnt hold up. Most people i know play the games for a few minutes then never go back. Even if they brought gameboy or gamecube still 50 a year is a bit much.

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