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47 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch New HUGE NEWS Just Leaked…”
  1. Let me know if you think we will see a Nintendo Switch price drop and what that means for the OLED pricing! Also, please hit the like button before you leave! 🙂

  2. They're probably lowering the price of the Nintendo switch to push the OLED model out but it really doesn't matter because I hear there's a chip shortage for the OLED models anyway.

  3. Honestly I feel like The Switch will be my last serious purchase. There are so many titles on it I have yet to experience. I would upgrade to a newer version of the system but starting over fresh like from the Wii U or New 3DS was a endeavor for someone like me.

  4. Of course I just bought a Switch last week 😂😂😂 I kinda doubt they drop any of the prices though, especially with the chip shortage. They aren't going to have any problem selling through the stock they can get.

  5. As a Metroid fan I feel like they are showing a bit much HOWEVER, Loving the new fans enjoying the media push. Metroid deserves to be at the same popularity as Mario and Zelda. Can’t wait to play this and Metroid prime 4

  6. With Bayonetta 3: Nintendo is who decides when Bayonetta 3 is shown. Other than that, I believe what Kamiya has been saying and what Platinum Games has been saying. I also understand why Nintendo is a little slow on this because as you said, this is a major project they are taking care of.

  7. If Nintendo wants the Switch OLED to sell well, maybe they should do a holiday bundle for the Switch OLED with The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword or Metroid: Prime for the holidays.

  8. Bayo 3 for next year will be the 5th anniversary since revealed….half a decade later.
    clearly they announced it way too early, can only assumed its gonna have a new engine and assets etc.
    if using same engine/assets from Bayo 1 & 2 then it wouldn't be this long in development.

  9. Have Bayoneta 1&2 i have yet to play them. As for Metroid Dread there are certain things they could have skipped showing us, while still showing gameplay for the new players. They could of avoided showing Kraid, new players don't know who he is so he was more for us but they ruined that surprise. Weapon and item wise they have shown us the typical Metroid weaponry plus a few new ones like Storm Missiles and Flash Shift, but i assume there are going to be a few more we have yet to see. As for the EMMIs we know there are 7 and with the newest trailer we have seen 5, leaving only 2 for us to be surprised by. I don't think they have ruined the game but they could have skipped some of the above mentioned.

  10. The bosses shown in the new dread trailer were amazing, like that chozo creature with black goop that reminds of the void from Hollow Knight. That black is also seen on the floor in one shot. Or that boss (I think it is a boss) with the long arms seen crawling on a huge mound. Or that bigger version of the pink enemies with weird claws And the cutscenes, remember the part where samus got on a box car that was over a sea. I wonder if that is the fast travel. Add the under-water area, whats with the whale creatures? And the area with the weird plants, it reminds of the fungal waste also from Hollow Knight but with huge ugly flowers. And whats with that creature running at samus in that room filled with jars, likely for cloning since there are creatures in them. And whats with the purple EMMI and how does samus withstand the cold when she has the metroid DNA. Speaking of the cold, I love the color of that blue EMMI and how it can freeze things just by touch. Just so may new things shown. I was hyped for this game but now its at the same level of hype as Hollow Knight: SilkSong.

  11. Krad reveal was something people should had seen coming. That was people not thinking clearly. Krads been brought back for super and ridely been present every Metroid game in some form except the original return of samus Metroid prime 2 and federation forced. So if ridely does not show up in dread I’ll be surprised. That evil chozo I’m expecting to be the finale boss but will see in a few weeks.

  12. They would have to Adjust the price on all models to have a drop on the OG switch. Which would raise consumer price sensitivity, which no business wants to do. And now they can sell everything at current prices. And they are very smart, their forecasts is resilant enough that the forecasts is still solid. They could change price in one region do to favorable exchange rates, but I don't believe they will lower any region's price.

  13. I’m confused as to what is being shown on the new Metroid that fans aren’t liking or considering as revealing to much. Can you point out specifics?
    Samus return had an overview trailer that mention almost the same as today’s.

  14. lets hope we get that september Direct soon.

    be interesting to see if they'll add GB/GBC, GBA all at once or stretch it out, and say release GBA in december, cos advance wars 1&2 for the switch in that month.

    either way, it'll be interestring to see what comes first.

  15. i have played some of the prime games but not a 2d metroid. i remember before e3 me and my friends were whining about how we werent wasting 60 dollars on a 2d metroid game but after we saw the trailer our mindset comepletely flipped! this game looks so awesome! super duper hyped about dread!

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