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32 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch OLED: One Week Later… Watch This Before Buying”
  1. I just got mine yesterday and I always thought it was really worth an upgrade until I played with it in person. After that I sold my old one and got the new one the same day lol obviously it’s still a switch but the oled screen really makes a big difference for me since I play more in hand held mode then tv mode.

  2. How are darker games on the OLED model? Playing alien isolation, I’ve gotta put the brightness up all the way on my current switch and even then sometimes it’s still hard to see 😩

  3. I bought this 3 weeks ago and I really like it. The OLED screen is beautiful. The original switch that I got on launch day has been taken over by my Son's for a while now. so I certainly needed another Switch. But now my Son's keep mentioning how beautiful the colors are on the OLED screen and want play their games on it. lol

  4. I personally got my oled switch today at target they were 2 left after I bought it there now sold out all in one days like oh my God I love the oled switch so much. It's pretty awesome. I'm sad that I gotta let go the animal crossing edition switch back in August of this year. Best regards Nikita.K

  5. Man it was such a pain to transfer all my data. Almost 750 gigs – 1tb and 4 different animal crossing accounts. I had to be carful not to lose “special DLC” no longer on the eshop or from a different asia eshop or a special in box dlc via codes. Reformatting a micro sd card is nerve wrecking. I went the safe route by transferring all my save data to a computer instead of re-downloading from the eshop before reformatting micro sd card.

  6. Just purchased the white one from Best Buy! I have an OG pre 2019 switch and play in hand held mode a good amount; so the improved screen and increase battery is a positive. I plan to trade my original switch to game stop; they are offering $200 for it. So I’m only technically paying around $150 plus tax for a simple upgrade.

  7. pros
    -bigger screen
    -smaller bezels
    -metal construction(less flimsy joy cons when attached)
    -metal sturdy kickstand
    -64gb storage from 32gb
    -upgraded dock
    -better audio and speaker position
    -slightly wider so things may not fit

  8. Does any one oled’s joy cons waggle a lik bit like 10%?? Idk man when I first got it was sealed good but when i put the wrist thing and remove them I noticed the problem ( not really a problem ), its only waggle a little bit when in handmode? I asked the store to replace mine but they said there was nothing wrong with it? I just got it last week I dont know, if anyone had the same problem please tell I don’t wanna feel left out lol.

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