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43 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack N64 Emulation SUCKS?!”
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  2. Definitely doesn't suck. The gameplay save issues should be and prob would be patched but the fog complaints in Zelda is a joke and so dumb lol like who cares its n64 graphics and those people who hate Nintendo act like dull fog is a big deal…lmao 🤣 talk about trivial.theyre just pissy because of the price lets be honest so they're grasping at straws with some of these complaints. The save thing totally legit and should be fixed. Surprisingly ive had little to no lag no more than my Xbox games tbh.

    I played hours of Mario kart online the first few days with friends or streamers. Even with a girl from canada, Cali and Italy snd it played smoothly also I have high speed internet which helps for gaming online in general which if some people have bad net speed thats on them you know? All Played smoothly no crashes so far for me.

  3. The Genesis emulation latency is way better than the Genesis Classics Collection, i cant even notice any lag. Ive recently bought and sold the Genesis classic Collection and was shocked at the button lag on it, it went straight on Ebay.
    The N64 emulation seems fine to me tbh.

  4. Yeah, 4 milliseconds of latency is negligible…4 frames, not so much! Maybe Nintendo should pull a Sega and go get some developers from other N64 emulator projects…LOL!

  5. Nintendo has encouraged me to drop the online service all together. It was okay paying $20 for NES and SNES as well as online play for the other games. Asking for $30 more to add N64 and Genesis… and forcing you to get the Animal Crossing stuff… I don't even play AC and they are including that in the price for the service. So $50 for the year…??? With bad emulation for N64, no voice chat (still). I just don't see the value! Goodbye Nintendo.

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  7. it really sucks that it ended up this way. Nintendo knows that people care about these games or they wouldn't have asked $30/$50 ect, don't give a damn about happy home or whatever the hell that dlc is. M2 should have done the port jobs but at the same time I'm happy they didn't because when Nintendo is done with switch online this content will probably just disappear.

  8. Lets be brutally honest Nintendo in as it is unique in innovation,coming back from the brink & it's truly Amazing game history it really does NOT give a toss about its back catalogue FULL STOP! & the only reason it has any interest in putting up N64 games or whatever games of yesteryears is the current wave interest in Retrogaming 💡Yep they spot they can make a quick profit & they're going to milk it to the full.I love Nintendo at they're best they're untouchable at their worst they're the pits! Like going after & closing down ROM sites for hosting their games which they clearly have no interest in.Nintendo is all about 💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💲& the HERE & NOW! As for their history well that's down to the Fans & Retrogaming in general to keep rightfully alive by whatever means possible & we will despite Nintendo dumping all over it's history.For deaf ears🙄Must try much… MUCH Harder Nintendo 😡🤯

  9. I can say that the input lag is there. I don't play docked in hand held mode. I can notice it vs my ultra hdmi modded system on my LG C10 which has about 11-15m which is really low for a tv. It still playable, but it feels weird.

  10. I'm gonna hold of on the expansion for now. I was mainly focused on the N64 but I'm old school and will only play with the N64 controller layout. The price of the expansion and the controller together is $100 but I think I will get an actual N64 and Everdrive instead.

  11. The control mapping is the one that puts me off, especially as using that N64 pad isn't really an option playing handheld, I have the same issue with the NES games as using Y and B makes much more sense then B and A but Nintendo won't let us change the controls.

    For me I'm just going to stick to emulating these games elsewhere, I see no reason why I would pay to have a worse experience. Oh and the fact that many of us have already paid Nintendo to emulate these games and then had to pay them again to emulate these games in a slightly different way on the same console and now I have to rent them?

  12. It seems like that Nintendo or whoever they used to do the emulation seems like that they where just pushing it out just so they could get everyone to spend their money to get this for these service packs and it was just get it done so we can charge. Sega probably took care of the Genesis emulation with M2 doing all of the emulation for the games on the Switch and Sega probably had them tweak the emulation for the Genesis.

  13. Sounds like I’m going to play the rest of the snes and nes games I haven’t yet, and then let my subscription expire, until they drop the price and fix all of this. I can buy all of these games on my Wii U for cheap, and they’ll run much better and will always be there. This is just pathetic and I hope Nintendo is happy with the universal bashing they’re getting

  14. Nintendo f***-up big time they should have just brought out a Nintendo 64 Mini with no problems just original games in HD and no taking away the fog system I can't believe they f*** up in Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo switch online

  15. Fans have been emulating the 64 for over 20 years on lesser random CPUs and graphics cards. You would think the creator of the original N64 hardware wouldn't have ANY problems in 2021 with better proprietary hardware they created. Go figure.

  16. Nintendo should fix the save pack issue. Really sad that Nintendo doesn't care enough about their fans and legacy to make these classics play exactly or dam near perfect like they did on og hardware. Screw it i might bite the bullet and get a MiSter and call it a day.

  17. When input lag goes from a few milliseconds up to several frames of lag, that's a huge problem. Nintendo should the engineers and resources to emulate or port their own games properly. Never was a huge N64 fan, outside of OoT, SM64, and a few others, but I'd rather stick with original hardware or better emulation via PC or other devices if Nintendo can't step up.

  18. In a bit of a coincidence I've been playing ocarina of Time through Retroarch the via steam. Input delay is probably about as good as what Nintendo is offering or better considering I can tweak some settings? But the infamous fog in the water temple was being emulated perfectly for me just an hour ago. I can't believe they're trying to charge money for this.

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