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20 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack WALKTHROUGH”
  1. Hard buy. With my prorate it was about 30$. Considering its my only way to play OOT hell yeah it was worth it. Cant wait for banjo kazooie, diddy kong racing, 1080 and waveracing. Having sega and AC dlc is just the cherry on top.

  2. I was going to purchase the expansion but after hearing about the price and how many games are included I'll be waiting to see what they add next year, and if Nintendo adds what i deem enough good games I'll bite.

  3. I disagree that the value is lacking. Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 are Triple A, long, involved games. They have loads of secrets and content, and take HOURS to get through. They're not like 4 hour titles. Why is 50 bucks for these games so terrible? They're not half assed cheapie indie games or whatever. They're full, fleshed out long form games with lots of levels.

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