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42 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online Goldeneye N64 Just LEAKED?!”
  1. Let me know how you think we will see Goldeneye re-released and what you want to see from the new game! Also, please hit the like button before you leave! 🙂

  2. I’d love the upgraded one that was being made for the 360. It looked great. If it comes to both, it’ll also be on pc. Definitely would be buying it on my pc

  3. Oh. My. Gud.
    I’m not an FPS guy, this one was one of the very few that was an exception for me (I didn’t like the Metroid FPSs, Perfect Dark, or the GE007 Wii remake). But, I will say console controls for later FPS games are greatly improved, but I still find no level design has topped GE007, at least for my own enjoyment.

  4. I think it will be a similar situation they did with Halo: Anniversary where you can switch back and forth between the original game and the remastered version with the press of a button. Switch online will likely have it for those who want to play with the N64 controller for the nostalgia, but also make it available for cross-platform purchase. It seems that too much work is going into this game for it to just simply be released as Switch online exclusive content.

  5. There was two articles released yesterday where Nintendo says it’s only coming to Xbox y’all be so cap and tryna be the 1st to get news all yallcopying each other with his cap ass shit

  6. I think GoldenEye will sooner or later be part of the Switch online expansion, yet it seems the N64 expansion is not selling as Nintendo expects, thus I think Nintendo will have two options : 1 : Increase the number of N64 hits on the pack by adding Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong 64, or Zelda Majora's Mask to make it sell better or second option : Merge the N64 expansion with the classic online and release itself with this pressure from N64 expansion pack subscribers that are unhappy with its catalogue which will most likely make Nintendo release GoldenEye in a 100% digital format on its eshop store.

  7. This gets me hype I never thought see this amazing game ever get released I remember putting so many stupid hours in the game manly with the multiplayer. I remember playing the crap out of the multiplayer on GoldenEye 007 with my cousin the good old days.

  8. No reason why Microsoft/Nintendo couldn't issue the game with updated and old visuals for the retro look. Maybe Microsoft and Nintendo would like to work together on this one to bring it back to market, and sort out the licensing issues and costs together.

  9. The only way I can see Nintendo releasing one of the best Nintendo 64 games ever on another platform such as Xbox, is if Xbox is eating some of the Licensing cost and what not… especially with how well the Nintendo switch and the software it has this selling, it wouldn't necessarily need to put it on another platform to be profitable for them

  10. I think slight correction, Nintendo never owned Rare; they were just heavily invested. I think they had a 49% stake. The Stampers tried to sell the rest of Rare to Nintendo, but Nintendo wasn't interested. When Microsoft came into the equation, Nintendo let go of their 49% stake, and also gave Rare the rights to Banjo-Kazooie and Killer Instinct (which were actually Nintendo-owned IPs at the time…in exchange Nintendo seemingly got the rights to Lanky, Tiny, and Chunky Kong, which Rare somehow owned. Not really a good trade.)

  11. I hope it will be both versions. Have it be either an Xbox arcade or DLC for Rare Replay on Xbox. Then put the original on the Switch Online service and/or put the remake on the eshop.


    On the Halo Combat evolved Ann. simply by pushing a button you could alternate between the remake's graphics to the original. That could be a possibility too.

    I will buy it for both Xbox and Switch.

  12. Actually seeing how Nintendo has treated their gamers with the Switch Online at this point, I would suggest that Game which for me would be a real bummer, it became an exclusive re release only for X-Box so Nintendo finally learns their lesson and stop messing with their gamers. Just look at what they are doing to the Nintendo Switch m by bringing lame games to the service, one game for the Nintendo 64 and not even say what games and when they are to update the Sega Genesis library. Nintendo in my opinion needs to learn a lesson and this would be perfect if Golden Eye becomes X-Box Exclusive. It would be sad if this were to happen but if that is the only way for Nintendo to learn then so be it.

  13. 4:01 Nope, they never owned Rare (the company was never called Rareware, It was just a label used to games published by Nintendo), they did own 49% of the company, but when Rare was at risk of bankruptcy Nintendo refused to buy the other 51% (with good reason, the company was in serious financial, financial and management problems, during which time the crunch was severe to the point where devs resigned en masse as a form of protest for 2 times, the first one after the release of Perfect Dark.

  14. Would much prefer the remaster, probably just get the original on NSO though unless of course they release the remaster of this and Perfect Dark and charge a decent wedge for them. Either way hell would freeze over!

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