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28 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Price Drop CONFIRMED! | NEW WiiU Games Headed To Nintendo Switch?! Zelda 35th Games?”
  1. Let me know which WiiU games you hope we see brought to the Switch and what you think about the Switch Price drop news! Also, please hit the like button before you leave! πŸ™‚

  2. One game I would love to at least be ported to Switch is my favorite horror game Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem. Obviously Zelda games are expected, at least eventually, but not everyone got to experience some Eternal Darkness & I'd love to play it again. My old Gamecube just isn't working too well these days 😫. I couldn't get into the Resident Evil's tank controls, kept dying, so you could say Eternal Darkness is my Resident Evil. I actually enjoyed the Resident Evil movies, it's fans of the games that didn't like them. If they made a movie of Eternal Darkness, I'd probably hate it too. Many think Gamecube for Switch Online won't ever happen. Even if it did, with my luck they won't include the best horror game that's a Gamecube exclusive. Well the ReDead in Ocarina of Time can qualify as horror lol 😝

  3. Would love to see some Star Fox on the Switch. In fact I wanted it so bad I purchased StarLink for that purpose. Unfortunately I don’t see a big enough difference between Star Fox Zero and StarLink but o justify Nintendo investing in the port.

  4. if someone is not willing to buy "old hardware" to play a game that was released for it, then that individual is definitely far from being a "hardcore" fan. me being a hardcore fan have everything from nintendo. from the NES to the Switch.

  5. NO. ABSLUTELY NO. for titles like starfox zero that did bad, an updated release on current gen makes sense. but a game that has already been re-released atleast once, no more ports. I collect games for every system and having to buy the same game 5 different times just to have a complete collection is the worst

  6. Yes, would like Nintendo to bring over the 2 Zelda titles and Starfox. It would be great for the upcoming holiday season. Nintendo give what fans want.

  7. I'd really like to see Twilight Princess HD ported over to the Switch. I have many good memories of my sister and I playing TP on the Wii and would love to play it on the Switch!

  8. I want a triple pack like what they did for Mario collection for legend of zelda, in my opinion I would like ocarina of time, windwaker and twilight princess

  9. Zelda fans are completely ready and willing to just throw obscene amounts of money at Nintendo for a crumb- I feel like any other company would take advantage of this kind of branding

    I hope they do

  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again; WW HD and TP HD are worth the individual 60$ price to me, Although if they did a pack it would be great. I think it wouldn't really hurt their sales at all if they did a pack.

  11. Zelda games literally make me buy consoles.
    Bought the cube just to play windwaker
    Bought the swith just to play botw

    Just give us zelda, like all the time

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