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37 thoughts on “No Recoil Sa87 best LMG Warzone Season 3 | Warzone Tips by P4wnyhof #warzoneloadouts”
  1. The SA87 and Streetsweeper are a lethal combo if you can get your positioning and rotation right. The SA87 just melts people, the tac laser makes that gun very viable. You can completely shit on people up close with a fully levelled Streetsweeper too. Makes Stopping Power and Dead Silence so much more powerful too.

  2. But the monolithic doesn’t jus keep you suppressed. It gives you 15% bullet velocity & 10% range on top of being suppressed. And the ADS penalty is actually 41ms not 50ms. the barrel adds 37ms that’s only 4ms faster. Here’s the stats

    25.4 Barrel –
    ADS +37ms
    Movement speed -0.7%
    ADS movement speed -8%
    Hip fire area +31%
    Range +20%
    Vert recoil -5%
    Bullet velocity +26%

    Range +10%
    Bullet velocity +15%
    ADS +41ms
    +never be seen on the map and your gun shots are actually quieter…

  3. Youtubers:: "plunder is lame. Its just BR lite"

    Also YouTubers:: "omg i get to play on Verdansk with many lives and kill other teams also with many lives!!"

    😒( me; throws hands up into the air & leaves room)

  4. It has reached the point where if you dont wear the lab coat, i get sad. So thank you! Also, ive had an SA87 class since the jump. Love it!

  5. Ooor, you can use the Cover of the Night or Blue Note variant for the clean iron sights that are just as good as the arch angel grau, and then use stippled grip tape with the monolithic.

  6. I know you have to push out a video every single day but holy crap. Are you seriously planning to screenshot every gun in JGOD's spreadsheet and turn them into "SECRET LASERBEAM!1!" videos? All these guns and optics are "SECRET!" because they suck ass and 0.0% of players use them in WZ.

  7. Often overlooked is the visual noise the Mono gets rid of. So you have to ask yourself do I need comp or mono for short range? No. So which makes it easier to hit medium and long range shots? In my experience it is always easier to hit shots with a mono then a comp.

  8. Really appreciate you showing this gun some love, been using it for a long time! I run out with a mono, longest barrel, tack laser, Vlk, and 60 round mag. But I think I’m going to switch it up and do what you have here and drop the mono and see if it does better for me

  9. Yo, I found your channel several months ago when I came across your AK-47 explained, I think it'd be great if you could revisit it after the AMAX gets nerfed.

  10. This is one of my favorite sleeper classes. Once they buffed the movement speed it helped soooooo much. As a gun nut it still annoys me the AUG is an smg and SA87 an LMG though

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