Nobody is Playing this CLASSIC Racing Game…

After looking back on my older content, I came across videos of me playing this absolute classic. I’m surprised the servers are still online! ▻ Discord …



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  1. You talked about customization. Customization was cut from the final version of the game since developers had not enough time to get things thine before the release date and also they all got fired just after the launch of the game. That's why the game didn't get any updates and DLC's because there wasn't an actual blur developer anymore. So far I've heard Activision fired "Bizarre Creations" and they were actually working on a Blur 2 game, there are some phootage from that game, using an R8 playing on a building on Dubai, a vehicle called "Ultima" on a mountain full of snow, there were Lancer EVO's added and more :/

    Activision just fucked up the game

  2. Thanks Theo so much! You can also look for more content. In online you can level up to rank 50 ten times because you unlock a "Legendary mode" where they give you a legendary vehicle every time you get to rank 1 of the new legendary level. I really appreciate you just made a video of this as I requested on your old Blur video. It means so much to me. You should talk about that Drift for boost system. There are a lot of pro players who play with drifting for earning infinite nitros (its part of the game the drift mod on the store shop). You can look up for what I mean on my channel or simply watch that Killer_Tomato who drifts to earn one more nitro everytime

  3. Linux user here: I remember this game. I played it back then. Wow man so many nostalgia. almost 10 years old homes. No shit happened in my life. This game is basically like more 3d advanced version of SuperTuxKat we play on Linux distros. Thank you bringing up some great memories man.

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