New Boys AT Rifle in Action! I like it but Feels like it will make people camp even more. What do you guys think OP or not! Join My Discord Server!


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  1. If you ever hitmaker with this thing it is not accurate to real life because this thing shoots a 13.5mm round. If it hits you in the chest you should no longer have a chest, headshots mean your head is gone, yiu get hit in the abdomen you have lost your digestive tract and organs, if it hits you in the leg you have lost that leg and should die (according to the computer) dhe to blood loss and shock, same for the arm. There is no way this thing should give a hitmarker

  2. I dont think this weapon is OP:

    +brutal damage against inf
    +can annoy heavy tanks and shoo them away
    +decent amount of ammo
    +fun to use

    If you are not god who can run around and kill everyone during sprint (like me), you will experience:
    -SLOOOOW reload time
    -SLOOW reload of magazines
    -bulky and clumsy weapon (can be usable only on bipod and only certain angle while doing it)
    -usable 3x scope (6x is usable only on LONG range – it kicks like mule and you wont see where it landed in short range)
    -very poor mobility and when you are caught while shooting, you are mostly dead. You are spotted by tank – you are dead.

    It´s worth the unlock and I have fun with it. Brutal strenght has BIG trade-off with cons i meantioned.

  3. It honestly doesn't feel op to me, first since you can't ads unless bipoded, which also leaves you exposed to other snipers if they notice, and if you miss, oof that fire rate lmao. Trying to out snipe other snipers at 100+meters for the mastery is annoying af with its slow bullet speed

  4. Why dont they even attempt to shoot you? You playing against bots? Literally no one sees you, all they do is running around like chickens, wouldnt surprise me if there was someone running against a wall for a minute straight in the clip aswell.


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