OPERATION UNDERGROUND First Look 🤠 Battlefield 5 New Map Gameplay

Operation Underground is here and ready for us to play! A brand-new map for Battlefield 5, this some of my first look gameplay! 😀 JOIN for member-only …


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  1. @Westie I use 1080 Ti 11 gbs Graphics card 16gb 2888 Mhz ram i7-7700k And i run the game with 150 Fps steady Lowest ive seen was inside smoke with grenades around me going off and i hit 102 Fps. Have you tried turning off Vsync in your Graphics card? And putting handling pictures to 1 instead of automatic? I have no problems with this map at all.

  2. So I don’t wanna say 8700k is bad as it’s not it’s a fantastic processor but with that 2080 ti and the map being so demanding some of the cores in the processor are capping out which drops FPS try overclocking I have a 9700k overclocked to 5ghz and I’m getting 110 fps 1440p max settings consistent

  3. It's said that at anyone time, a BF5 server will have 25% open and
    closet hackers on it. Fixed with private servers and Rcon tools but
    instead DICE and EA are going for matchmaking services running stats
    that doesn't work . By the way Origin got hacked and private e-mails and
    accounts were stolen and EA has kept it quite. EA should be sued in a
    class lawsuit for hidding stolen accounts and knowingly aiding hackers
    and destroying genuine customers purchases

  4. The reason why operation underground reminds you of Rotterdam is because it is in the Netherlands or at the border of the Netherlands. I could know because I'm ducht and there are ducht words and German propaganda.

  5. Now that I've been able to play the map on Xbox I can say that the issues are definitely bad. I'm being hit through entire buildings like I was when the ping issue was happening. And it acts like im hitting invisible walls in the middle of the open. I have to back away from this wall and when i try to move through it again it lets me. At first i thought it was just people laying prone beside me that i didn't see but i've recently had it happen a lot when nobody was around as well. And it usualy happens in the first sector on breakthrough.

  6. EA and Battlefield, please . We want the same battlefield as 3 and 4. in 2019/2020.. Please EA give us such a battlefield. Please !!!! I don't want to play a game from World War 1 and World 2. I want a war like it was in BF3 and BF4.

  7. Quite fun on Breaktrough but too many players. Should be 32 or 44 max and the game play would probably a lot more fluid and fun for more players than just the top skilled ones.
    So many players get stalled and don't dare to move forward.

  8. When I heard that Operation Metro was coming to BFV I first thought "Oh boi, here we go again with being forever stuck in one place kinda map". But now that I've played it DICE really thought about the level design and you can see the effect it has on the progression of the round. So far a team hasn't been completely stuck in one place for the rest of the game. I love all the different sideroutes you can take to flank enemies to try and give your team the moment of opportunity to push forward. Great map, shame of the performance issues cause I have a GTX 1070 and I think I get as low as 30 FPS in some areas which is reaaaally annoying and costs me my life sometimes cause it's going up and down all the time.


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