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24 thoughts on “Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye DLC Review”
  1. The scariest part of the DLC was the Intro Message that informs you of the option to "reduce frights" 😀
    Otherwise the DLC is exactly as scary as the base game, it just depends on what kind of stuff scares you – Outer Wilds has everything now 😀

  2. The "stealth" sections are completely avoidable with some creative problem solving. You can stealth them if you want but it's not compulsory. It was so satisfying to figure out how to avoid those parts

  3. "Stealth sections are unavoidable" tells me you didn't find all the pieces to the puzzle. They are very avoidable and figuring that out was wonderful.

  4. the weakest part of this game is how hard it is to sell someone on it… it's simply a masterpiece, and it's criminal how relatively few people have played it.

  5. The original Outer Wilds had the place where you had to survive giant deadly monsters with super-hearing. You know, Dark Bramble. Saying that horror doesn't fit in Outer Wilds is a very strange point.

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