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37 thoughts on “Path to The Vladivostok Complete! (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k”
  1. The Vladivostok actually isn't that long, it's about the same size as the Iowa and Georgia it just looks big because of that huge nose but you can see the reason for it is its lack of superstructure and guns placed very far back.

  2. Spartan can I get your opinion on secondary BB builds do you think they need a buff or they’re fine the way they are personally i believe they’re still drastically underpowered

  3. I've never really understood how a cruiser in open water can hit me without being detected. I always thought that their detection range was the same as their gun range whilst fireing

  4. IUKz ANGELx in the Helena was me 🤣😂 I was dived up with blow in the indinapolis B, we saw u right from the beginning, I was pumped for the match, been watching your videos for a long time.

    Yeah the benham didn't do our team any justice, and I have no idea what the bismark was doing, it was just a matter of time before that flank fell.

    Then to get double citadeled/dev struck whilst trying to kite was the nail in the coffin.

    I think I did what I could though, I got second place on our team and we got thrown in to a tier 7s.

    GG spartan the Vlad is a beast!!

  5. Vladi Is a good ship. AP FANTASTIC and great armor.I have a problem with wowslegends. This game needs a buff. When i got 3 pens when i was playing my Vladi yesterday on a vanguard and guess the result,NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!. this is an ultimate. problem

  6. Spartan I know you didnt care much for it but if you have it, you should revisit lenin. It's such a good ship and it quickly became my all time favorite tier 7 battleship

  7. If I'm in Iowa/ anything that isn't Yamato and a Vladi just sits bow-in to me, I've started just loading HE and buring them down. They run out of Damage Cons eventually 🔥😈🔥

  8. With how bad long range dispersion is, I build for fire prevention.

    You can tank sooo freaking much and drastically reduce the impact of fire starters on the game. The problem comes when you team doesn't know how Vlad works and doesn't do anything to take advantage of you tanking multiple ships for more than half the game..

  9. Just a little anecdote I'd like to leave here, the vladivostok has several hidden armor plates in both the nose and stern. It uses the same armor model as the pc version of the game, and using a 3rd party armor viewer you can see the the belt armor extension has a front plate and a roof. The front plate of the extended belt is 200mm thick and the roof of the armor extension is 150mm. The same hidden plates are at the stern but provide less spaced armor. Yamato can't citadel a vladivostok through the nose and will have a tough time getting a citadel on the stern.

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