Patrick Mahomes BAZOOKA ACTIVATED! Chiefs vs Cowboys Madden 20 Online Gameplay

Donate to Operation Homefront here to support America’s Military Families: Patrick Mahomes makes a Texas …


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  1. Lol we’re at the time where we’re getting games like rdr2 and days gone with massive open interactive worlds…an your telling me EA can’t make a game with an field with 11men and not have the 11 men act fuking retarded… Nah EA just fuking sorry

  2. the number one reason why madden wont improve is because EA DONT WANT TO IMPROVE THE GAME its more profitable to keep mut around for the next 10-15 years seeing people pay $80.00 for a game then and additional $1-200 dollars for packs and countless other bullshit THE COMMUNITY NEVER ASKED FOR now we have GIMMICKS such as x factor when theres no reason to include this madden is not for the casual fan anymore if ea wants to improve this game they CAN AND WOULD BUT THEY WONT


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