PES 20 Gameplay [ Barcelona vs PES Legends ] – PS4 Pro

This video features the very first gameplay of PES 20 .


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  1. I'm a fifa player. I've only ever been a fifa player. I've had every single fifa game there is. This year tho I purchased PES20 over FIFA 20. It's the best football game I have ever played. The gameplay is unbelievable! It sucks that it's not got licensed teams, but the gameplay is that good, it doesn't even matter. If PES was to get anywhere near the licensing fifa gets then fifa is finished.

    FIFA = Licensing, Atmosphere.
    PES = Gameplay, graphics.

  2. This game reminds me of Fifa 10, like the gameplay is pretty much a turn down compared to Fifa. People are talking about Fifa and its fast paced gameplay like its a bad thing, but dont forget that one half is only 6 min and a whole game is 12 min, which makes the gameplay both enjoyable and fun with that high pace that Fifa has. You can't develop a soccer game with 12 min per game and make it as slow paced as in real life, that is not a sustainable concept for a game like this, it will get boring pretty fast. There is a reason why Fifa is the best selling football game and will always be. Please prove me wrong:)

  3. Switching to PES for good. Every single time I get Fifa I feel like EA wants me to get frustrated at the game. From soundtrack to career mode everything is so lifeless. Not to mention they have the apsolute worst and laziest models in any existing video game. People say all they change is haircuts. Well, it's 2019 and they STILL haven't changed Rakitic's haircut from 2015. Khedira would still have long hair if he didn't call them out on Twitter. Losing the Juventus license was the last straw.

  4. Che schifo di gioco !!! E questo sarebbe migliore di fifa ?? Fifa 19 e ancora meglio .. I giocatori di pes Nella visuale sembrano microbi .. e corrono come se fossero doppati poi che partita e Barcelona vs pes leggends ?? C'É dovrei buttare via 70 euro per un gioco Cosi .. ?? Che inculata …

  5. Going with PES this year, lets all buy PES this yearso they can get money and become viral and popular so other companies and organizations can give them licenses, it would revolutionize the game, way better than trash FIFA 20 and EA. Lets Go PES 20 Konami.

  6. I have been a FIFA fan and im at division 1. I can say that every year i hope that the next fifa will be a little slower like real football but still, the speed is like NHL and the high pressure tactics destroys the game. EA is more intrested to satisfy children than real players.
    This year im going for PES 20💥🔥💯

  7. omg que c'est lent… se n'est pas le football moderne se jeu, les passe sont lente, les tirs on dirais un ralentis (8:19) franchement vous arrivé à vous amusé ? :O le principal d'un jeu c'est l'amusement là c'est chiant.

  8. I'm just hoping for high res textures in the PC version of the game.

    I know that it's still placeholder art at the moment, but the animations feel a bit shakey too. For example the players immediately stop, which doesn't happen in real life. If the player is moving fast, there's no "weight" attached to him. His bodymass suddenly becomes lighter than hydrogen.


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