Pokémon Sword & Shield ANALYSIS – Direct Gameplay + Pokémon Camp Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details)

The latest Nintendo Direct showed off new features in Pokémon Sword & Shield including Pokémon Camp, making Curry, character customization, and new …



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  1. There also is an alternative form of the Cake Pokemon (don't know the english name), so it means it will have different forms, and there also is this moment with Evee, and the Eveelution, so maybe it is teasing a new Eveelution. But it's only details, you guys made a great analysis.

  2. I'm super excited about the character customization here. One of my biggest issues with the game when they started letting you customize your character was how few options there were. It's not like I expected the game to be Style Savvy with 20,000 clothing, hair, and accessory options but I wanted more than…20? And the majority of the clothing options were real basic so you still looked like a newbie scrub by the end of the game. I seriously cannot wait to create a unique looking character.

    Also, making curry looks real cute. It's great to have a good main story and even better to get distracted from that story with tons of fun side stuff. I've always valued exploration and pokemon discovery over battling (though that's cool too) in these games. I want to live in the world as much as I want to defeat it.