Pokimane Just Changed the Entire Twitch Game

49 thoughts on “Pokimane Just Changed the Entire Twitch Game

  1. I wonder why people like Jeff Bezos don't just stop working. You could just be enjoying life bro, sell your shit, you can't even spend your money, no matter how hard you try. You could buy entire countries without it affecting your wealth too much. Chill

  2. Hey @omni, a thought related to the spreading wealth argument, you could argue third party sponsors assess a twitch streamer’s profitability or expected return by looking at a mix viewership and donations. Looking at some kind of metric such as donation $/viewership would indicate a purchasing power of the audience your marketing to.

    For example, if a streamer who averages say 1.5k viewers while streaming and rakes in $6k a month in donations, you could argue their audience has twice the purchasing power of a streamer who averages 3k viewers and $6k per month in donations. So twice the viewership but half the spend.

    If you assume purchasing power remains constant as a streamer grows, you’d invest in that smaller streamer and ditch the bigger one because the audience is more lucrative. This might be a conflicting force

  3. This reminded me of a french streamer (Zerator) who disabled donations entirely because he found it dumb that people would send money for nothing in return and instead advised his viewers to gift subs instead so when they want to give at least someone receives something

  4. She saw the reception broxh recieved when he wanted to return someones money… I hate her guts bro. 3 months ago this girl was acting like shes the queen, tried to cancel a small content creator and now she's acting all innocent… God i hate her

  5. I would enjoy a in-depth video of wealth spreading and tax break down.
    Also, did you just secretly explain what the Biden-Harris administration is attempting with their tax plan?

  6. Wow, this has been such a wonderful review. I'm not American (I'm from Chile where we are not having the best of times) but I don't do taxes or that stuff you guys do, so it was fun to learn new things with the nerd sums and all that stuff. Your review was really concise and had one of the best opinions on the matter I have ever seen. Specially the part where you say that this is not breaking capitalism rather than evening out the field for new chances and progress from the rest. Liked it all a lot, so thanks! Keep doing this stuff, is just da best.

  7. Would LOVE if you made a series of multiple videos about taxes, donations, charity, making money, growing (long term) wealth, not being taken advantage of by the rich and all that good money related stuff. Love the vids as always omni, keep up the good work

  8. Honestly, I’ve been loving your content lately, I’ve been subbed for a month or 2 now and now I remember why, keep up the great work 🙂

  9. I like watching this channel but sometimes it’s hard to watch more than 5 mins because instead of talking about the topic it’s talking about Business

    That’s all good but it not for me

  10. The words of Pokimane sound like what is called lip service. It is when you advocate for something in speech. Then turn around doing nothing for the cause in practice. Putting an actual cap where someone can not donate more than 5$ at a time would not even be real. Let alone simply speaking those words in a few streams. In both cases you still have the same people donating a large amount of money. The only difference in the hypothetical situation I mentioned. Is those same people would be donating 100 5$ donations during the month. Instead of donating that same amount only in larger individual amounts.

  11. Am I an idiot… or did he say if you give away 100% of what you made you some how save money? You gave away the money right? So then… you have $0? How did that save you any money?

  12. i am a licensed accountant my self so i get what you mean. everyone's money is their own however they spend it. i never spent a penny on someone who play games while watching them because they earn money on views anyway. add in sponsors there (which they eventually get if they have the amount of views per streams) and the payout would be enough as a job. i'm not against donation but spending it on someone who needs it is a much more wiser decision if that makes sense.

  13. Capping donations doesn't do much when gifting subs is still a thing – the person wanting to donate a large amount can just gift a large amount of subs instead…

  14. Hey man, your video just randomly showed up and I watched it expecting some mindless time filler but I was pleasantly surprised! I really enjoyed your explanation of a seemingly simple concept.

  15. From an individual perspective, this is a great take on Poki's part. She and a lot of other streamer are essentially "set for life" if they choose to be since they have way more money than it actually costs to live. However, I believe that our capitalistic society is essential to our economy. Their main goal is profits; profits that get distributed to the investors, primary shareholders, owners, CEO's, and then down the ranks of the company to the last employee. But who do you say is running the economy, the consumers who buy the products, or the investors who foot the bill by putting their money back in the economy so that there is a diverse selection of goods and services for the consumer to choose from. Making $5/hr more may be able to let you increase your standard of living by having more options when it comes to products but there won't be any products if investors are not willing to take on the risks due to a non-profitable return.
    Again, I think as a whole we think too much about money and should learn to be content but I think that people should absolutely have the choice to do with their money what they please (so long as it's not breaking the law). Sorry if this is incoherent rambling.

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