PS5 Graphics & Gameplay News! (PlayStation 5)

News about PS5 graphics and future gameplay from developers. How much will graphics and gameplay on PS5 next generation? —– My Twitter: …


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  1. I have no idea why the console makers don't just shoot for 1440p standard… would be much better performance and unless sit one foot away you would not really notice the res difference while gaming on an 80inch tv or smaller..

  2. Console devs should have a law that forces them to say "4K upscaled" and "8K upscaled" cause it's not the same at all compared to NATIVE 4K, 1080 upscaled to 4K it's STILL the quality of 1080p.

  3. Yakuza games , especially song of life , are my all time favorite games on the PlayStation. I love RDR2 , but Yakuza is my all time favorite. I’ve played them over and over. Can’t wait until Judgement comes out in America.

  4. There is no news about the ps5. All the videos are scams. If there was news about ps5, Sony would put out a press release. You are full of crap. The ps5 won't be out till like 2022 or later.

  5. Lol my Nintendo switch and Nintendo 2ds xl is better then these new machines coming out guess games doesn’t matter anymore for Sony and just want to focus on power it’s ok though Nintendo is going to run you out the game market..

  6. I'm worried that when the ps5 comes out devs will still be making versions of their games for ps4 and pro and it will hold back the design potential of their game for ps5. How long I wonder until devs stop supporting ps4 versions.


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