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49 thoughts on “PS5 Pro Likely Being Worked On, Sony Has Billions To Potentially Spend on Studios & Games”
  1. It's becoming increasingly likely as times passes that Bloodborne will be released on PC and PS5,
    It's becoming increasingly likely that these weekly leaks and rumours are just wishful thinking and not actual inside information¨
    It's becoming increasingly likely that a broken clock is right twice a day
    It's becoming increasingly likely that when Bloodborne is inevitably released on PC and PS5 that these leakers and rumourers will claim they actually leaked and rumoured something.

  2. On a "PS5 Pro": It kind of goes beyond pointless speculation. Even though there is a precedent with the last generation, it's grasping at straws. I mean, yes, it is completely possible if not entirely likely, but… who cares? Also, I'm having to consider the fact that regardless of any hardware update development happening behind the scenes, it makes no sense to pull any focus away from production of the PS5 as it is now and continuing to move units of a console that's not even a year old, suffering from significant supply issues. Primary focus should be on nurturing, growing, and supporting an install base for your brand new hardware. Hardware that many people desperately want and can't get their hands on. You also don't want to burn the people that have already invested in your new platform. I know some fans love speculative conjecture (It makes plenty of people money too), I'm just way more interested in what the plans are to continue to support the console via software, features, and actually increasing the player base/ meeting demand.

    I'm all for a Bloodborne sequel from Bluepoint. I've been wanting to see them really test their mettle with a game from the ground up. I want to see their ability in level design, world building, story telling, etc. I understand people having an aversion to the idea. I'd probably feel that way about Dark Souls being handed off like that. As far as me being okay with the idea of Bloodborne going from Fromsoft/ Miyazaki to Bluepoint, I'm not sure why that is. It may just be that many of the different pieces to this potential situation just sort of feel like they work and fit. Bloodborne is a fantastic game. But it only having one entry feels like maybe it's worth letting someone else build on that world. Although its an incredibly defined singular piece, its not as established as Dark Souls is with a decades worth of games and world building. I've got an open mind to it and would be excited!

  3. I honestly really hope they don't make a pro. We've hardly scratched the surface of the 5 as it is. They've already put so much effort into it, and the jump already is insane. If anything, just a slim model like in the past. Release a PS6 earlier than the typical time line if nothing else. Don't push the idea of generations then go against what you said before you even get games out. Buckle down on improving optimization and push out some great vr tech before you go doing a pro

  4. Yo bro you full of shit one way you say this no I say that. And Sony games studio don't have that money just for games can't wait til Microsoft drops bomb on u Pegasus 👑 King

  5. That's cool and all but can Sony please get the PS5 in-store so I can actually buy one? who cares about some stupid PS5 Pro? when we can barely get the regular console? Tf?

  6. just checked sony only have 20 billion dollars cash in hand they lost 25 billion dollars in last 3 months 🤣🤣good luck buying publishers like Xbox acquiring bethesda 🤣🤣 , it was not the budget for SIE it was there total cash in hand 😂

  7. Pro is not coming out till 2024 2025 100%
    Even ps5 didn't sold as much because of chip shortage it is out of stock every where.
    youtubers are just making content for views honestly.

  8. I would absolutely buy a PS5 Pro.

    I agree with what you said about Bloodborne.

    Sony has been around a very long time, around 55 more years than MS. Sony will buy new A or AA studios that are very small now and will fund them to become a great AAA studio like Insomniac. Like you even said look at Sony did for Naughty Dog & Guerrilla Games.

  9. In no way does this open position point to a PS5 Pro. There's enough credible information that we are getting a Pro, but A Pro would be something planned for well in advanced and this is just them getting more manpower for future updates to improve the PS5 over the generation.

  10. The reason why I’m not completely ok with this is, bloodborne is Miyazaki dna through and through. He’s said in multiple interviews that it’s his most personal game.

  11. I would get a ps5 pro in a heartbeat if they can guarantee a true technical upgrade. The ps4 pro was not worth the jump in my opinion. The only difference I noticed was with PSVR. It is possible to come in 2023 as Sony is opening their own chip manufacturing plant soon.

  12. Man, whilst trying to be as positive as possible, it's really hard to wrap my head around Bluepoint making a sequel. It's like having an author quit halfway through and having someone else trying to finish the story. Plus, many regard this as From's best work and this is the type of work they specialise in, and it's not like their other works are bad. I'm excited, but I guess I'll have to see it to believe it, if they can pull it off they'll be all the way up there as a studio.

  13. A PS5 pro in 2023/24 sounds a sensible move to bridge to PS6 in 2027/28 😀. PS6 will be my retirement present to self if so!

    I’m really happy on the PC ports of our (older) games, Sony’s pattern seem to be now making sure there is a PS5 update/remake so that their games look comparable to PC.

    So I’m happy about Bloodbourne/Uncharted as it’s good for us and allows people who don’t own a PlayStation yet see the games we get and perhaps buy in later.

  14. I would buy a ps5 Pro I like having the lastest tech can't belive the ps5 has been out for nearly a year already all depends if Sony sold alot of ps4 pros then the ps5 Pro would be a no brainer as the hardcore gaming fans would snap it up again but I always heard rumours that the ps4 pro never sold that well

  15. As long as it's acquiring studios that already (mostly) PS5 only, then little harm done, but otherwise I don't like pointless platform lock-ins, especially when there is no technical limitations on running games on other platforms.

    As for PS5 Pro, I have no interest in buying one.

  16. I'm going to be honest: I really liked Bloodborne, so hearing that another (outstanding) developer is going to work on that game is a bit scary. But like you, i want to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they come up with! I don't know about the remaster. I mean 60fps would be great but i hope they don't re do too many things.

    When it comes to the PS5 Pro, man i don't know how many times i have discussed this already but i still don't think there will be one. The PS4 pro was here to cater those who had a 4K tv. If you want to make the same argument for 8K, well: The people who have an 8K tv probably fits on one hand! Of course, never say never. If there would be a PS5 pro, i think it will be more about NATIVE 4K 60/fps WITH ray-tracing then anything else. It might have 8K like the PS5 supports now but maybe without ray-tracing and 60fps? I don't know, like i said, i think the PS5 Pro won't be happening. If does happen however, don't think for a second that it will be here next year or even the year after. It will still take a good two years and in that time, i'm plenty happy that i paid €499 for a faster, much more quiet system, with ray-tracing capabilities and 4K already available!
    The Pro will have to be really a lot better before i even think to upgrade.

  17. If they release PS5 Pro I'm going back to PC. I'm not going to buy two consoles this time and we saw what happened after PS4 Pro. The games were optimized for that, not for the base PS4. If I'm buying new hardware every three years from now on, then it's a GPU for the PC, not a whole system, and all the parts that don't need to be replaced.

  18. If Sony are working on a PS5 Pro already, I'm out, I've had enough of Sonys greed.
    They haven't done anything with the PS5 model they have already yet, it was proven that the portal jumps in R&C Rift Apart could have been done on a PS3!!!!!!
    Piss off Sony.

  19. Pro is such a dumb idea, please no… what happend to 'in playstation we believe in generations'? why we need even more powerful console if they don't make games on base model? it's been a year and we only got handful of PS5 titles…

  20. Cant even get a ps5 what phawking chances in getting a pro n the ps5 here in Australia 750 for the disc so I imagine that the pro would be round 950 too 1000

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