RANDY MOSS GOES DEEP VS A SUBSCRIBER! MADDEN 20 GAMEPLAY Need Coins? Use code “CC” for 15% off We play mut 20 …


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  1. Escape artist needs to be removed and never come back. Everyone has the same cards, run the same plays, it's not enjoyable. Literally anyone can watch a few YouTube videos, buy some coins and have at it. The meta needs to be changed, i honestly don't know why anyone not playing professionally or for some kind of financial gain even bothers anymore. Unless it's house rules of course, i'll cheese and be cheesed repeatedly for a free 90. That's it though, otherwise it's just not fun running strech and corner routes over and over and over again anymore. Semi realistic football isn't asking that much, but we just get cheese fest, every year. It's boring af even when you're winning almost every game, I'm tired of it. I don't get any satisfaction out of cheesing people with Lamar, M Allen, and Dalvin. It's not fair to the people I'm playing against at all.

  2. Madden 20: Bum bail out edition. Not referring to you btw, I've played sooo many just god awful players that end up winning with random bailout bs. I don't understand how people get 23+ wins in weekend league. I'm getting disco glitched at least twice. I'm getting EA Sports the servers not in the game disco'd at least once. I'm losing to at least 2 bums with zero skill on offense. Last game, this guy got the perfect inside zone run, were his guard pushed my line backer one way, he swerves it, his wr comes cross ways and blocks my safety, he swerves the other way, both my cb's come in like a pinch and fucking tackle each other. Then because I have a LARGE distaste for scum kicking(or FB kicking), I kick it deep to his return man that some how manages to get stuck on his blockers for about 5 seconds, then squirt off for a td.


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