Relics Broke Galaxy of Heroes… Maxed Out Grievous Relic Gameplay and Darth Malak/Revan

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44 thoughts on “Relics Broke Galaxy of Heroes… Maxed Out Grievous Relic Gameplay and Darth Malak/Revan”

  1. I think I may be done with GoH….I don't even have a gear 13 yet…I'm never going to catch up to anyone, will be eternally so far behind. Only way I'm gonna afford to upgrade is if I buy a lottery ticket.

  2. When I saw the relics comming, I knew my path was right : I don't care.
    I'm upgrading the teams I like, at the path I want. No G13 for the moment as I want many teams G12 I can play in most of the game.
    I could continue as a F2P as soon as I said I didn't need to be competitive anymore.
    So yeah, relics, at least I know I have some things to play for the years to come just with this content, it's not that bad as long as I enjoy.
    That said, I understand this long cry of players who were dedicated enough to be still competitive, I feel you guys

  3. This is so heartbreaking. I've been a F2P for YEARS. This is the most revolutionary, surprising, and yet, devastating updates to a game i love and enjoy. That we love and joy. And I'm broken over it, honestly I'd rather go back to my biggest fear being running out of sim tickets 😓😢😭

  4. I hate the timing. For those playing for fun from behind it just became less fun. Where I am a few people have gear 13 and an edge, well now they have access to the next edge which just widened the gap. Becoming way less fun for the casual gamer.

  5. I HAVE MY FALLEN ON 5 DREVAN 3 BRUT 2 WITH 10€ that was all. tactical farms. and without wales and krakens and the game is over. You'll have to think longer. but yes is an fact they need money for their new game.

  6. I don't know

    I have been in the top 100 of arena for quite some time now, not really able to compete with the maxed out squads in the top 50. (been playing since the first month … haven't missed a single day or a single event … or a single Ahnald video 😉

    Yesterday, I gear 13'd my DRevan… my second gear 13 after Grievous, and stuck on a relic, I am now smashing to pieces all the full gear 13 with multiple relic squads and am sitting comfortably in the top 50, destroying 7*malik squads with my 5* one … I think this relic business is combatting the predominant speed issue the game was having, and those that don't know how to mod properly for a specific character and what they actually require over and above speed are going to suffer if they've merely invested the character in speed.

    those fast speed secondary's with low everything else are going to get your squad dead now me thinks.

    as far as I'm concerned… game on!  

    my 150k health Grievous doesn't suck either … but I put 3 relics on him.

    back to mod school for a lot of people I think …

  7. If you go to the top players section for each toon on the page, the stats you will see on there are quite staggering….both Revans, Bastilla fallen all over 11k special damage…health pool thru the roof for GG, Daka, Bariss…Armour for Fives well over 70% its a fucking mess

  8. As a small guppie, I literally just unlocked DR and got him to G12. I feel like all my time investing in G13 BSF (my first and only G13 three days ago btw), putting the zeta on Carth, gearing Canderous (ouch) and HK up was all a waste in terms of Arena. I feel like I should have gone for the Grievous nuke team instead. Oh well…it's not like I was ever gonna do that well in the game anyways, I'm just super glad that I've been able to stay within sub 100 to sub 50 so far, although that's gonna change real fast once people actually start adding relics to their rosters…

    At least I'll do well in flee–oh wait, relics are gonna massively boost fleets too, oops nvm.

    Seriously, I miss the times when G12 was the cap. I mean, yeah JKR was kind of an ass meta but me and several other F2P/guppies/small dolphins were able to hit sub 20 and even top 5 with their G12 JKR teams if they had decent mods, and even with the release of DR, there were still low spenders doing decent. G13 killed lots of us, and relics are killing us more. I just hope things get balanced out soon. At least I know I'm not spending a penny on relics.