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47 thoughts on “Resident Evil Story/Review – Gaiden”
  1. I actually like this game. I have good memories of my brother and I playing it and by the end of the game the ROM was corrupted, we had find another one and start again (the emulator save of the old ROM didn't worked with the new one). As for RE boats games, I like this better than Dead Aim. The game had some potential, but the platform this was made for hindered it. haha It's one of my guilty pleasures. Thanks for playing it, Bawk.

  2. Once you know how to manipulate ai on enemies it becomes much easier.
    Some useful tips:
    Aiming any weapon makes the enemies chase barry until you stop aiming
    While on battle, you can move the camera to the sides, so you can center the position of an enemy that is on the left or right side
    Killing enemies instantly without wasting ammo ( have equipped the gas launcher, activate the escape button, then try to escape and all enemies will die, you dont need to press the button in the red icon, just spam the button in any part of the yellow bar anywhere, so you can do it multiple times in the same battle

  3. Wish I was there for the stream, used to play this everyday and could have told you about the scrolling. You can also dodge zombies easily by luring them by aiming in their general direction. Also, using the knife during the beginning of the game is best as almost every zombie barely does damage and you get a ton of herbs.

  4. 24 min in. This music makes me want to throw up. Also I’ve been in bawk streams before. I know what happens when you offer help even when asked. LoL.

  5. Here’s my resident evil game boy game. Mostly text based, reading documents, solving puzzles and putting items together. Very very few enemies bc of hardware limitations. Make it all narrative and intellectual puzzle shit. With stalker/nemesis type huge enemies to put a time limit on how long you can stay in a room to figure out its puzzle. But mostly you don’t fight at all you just run bc again, hardware limitations.

  6. When I was playing this on gbc I would put the sweet spot to the extremities of the screen and shoot at the far edge to get a crit

  7. To think that this game was my introduction to Resident Evil. But hey, i've no shame in admiting it. OST is a absolute 8-bit banger for the GBC

  8. I've got to say this was actually really entertaining. Especially when you were raging over ammo and the backseaters not being there when you need them!
    "It's been 3 hours and no one told me you could move the camera, but ten minutes in to any other game pffflflfflflp"

  9. So bawk what did we learn in this Playthrough?

    That gas round = op, even better then freeze round mybe the most powerful ammo in all re history.

  10. Well to be honest this game wasnt played by much people compare to the main titles, so is kinda hard to tell what to do or even backseat lol

  11. I don't know if this is mentioned anywhere in the run (2 hours left to go), but I believe this was supposed to have a Nemesis mechanic. When Lucia is around, you can see an icon on the bottom right that she detects the BOW nearby.

    Also, I think this game got 2 official remakes. Look over the ideas of Revelations 1-2, and tell me they didn't use a lot of the same ideas. Boat, blob monsters, Barry getting a new kid, a possible spy being sent home, etc. Just saying, I think it was retconned into those two.

  12. Love you bawk! Never saw this game but I know its reputation, lol. I’m watching/listening with headphones at work. Legit felt like a microscopic noise dog was humping my eardrum. Not great at early mornings, so if that doesn’t make sense blame my brain. Cant wait for what you have next!

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