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35 thoughts on “RNG vs IG Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2021 W5D6 Royal Never Give Up vs Invictus Gaming by”
  1. They go on and on about TheShy's KD/A but all that proves is he's a play maker. His WL ratio is 245:129 so it means he isn't a Chovy that just sits back and does nothing. He single handedly makes high risk high reward plays that win games. I've still never seen another player that can use Kennan the way he does. Nuguri is probably the closest but TheShy has made some insane plays with that champion.

    His first games back, playing a champion he hasn't played much in pro play against one of the three best top laners in the world right now. That shit is not fair to attack someone over.

  2. More like TheSHYT, you shouldve retired you are not Faker who is THE GOAT. Shame, now theshyt will be remembered as the greatest feeder of all time

  3. I love theShy. The guy’s peak is so insanely high his lows have to be forgiven even though he’s literally griefing sometimes. Players like him make games entertaining to watch

  4. TheShy should join DWG next year once Khan retires. He said he's open to going back to korea if given a good offer. TheShy to DWG would be huge.

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