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41 thoughts on “RNG vs PSG Highlights Game 4 Semifinals MSI 2021 Royal Never Give Up vs PSG Talon by Onivia”
  1. PSG lost becoz Front line can't control the map if you put jug in elder jug die 1st for sure GP and sup useless for last fire dragon and elder dragon

  2. even with all the compliments doggo gotten from the commentary, i think his play is just lackluster. way too rushed to jump in/out early. and just left out not doing anything for more than half of the fight.

  3. I don't understand Gnar at first dive. I know he saved like 5 secs, but omg you should always try to defend yourself at turret, at least you have tiny chance for a lucky kill

  4. PSG indeed played really well. However, there is still a really big gap between 2 adcs , especially in teamfights. In crucial moment, doggo tended to flash ( or W) too early while Gala using his escape tools (his E to change position around combat) exceptionally good resulting in his output damage was way bigger than doggo’s. The barron fight doggo should have got more than a tripple kill but he jumped too early while still having frontliners to back him up. :<

  5. Great showing from PSG, although RNG never went 100% in this series. There is a reason why RNG went to almost the exact same comp every game … to hide their strat for DK showdown. Bit cocky IMO and PSG made them work for it.

  6. Si el adc se tiraba para adelante, mataba a la morgana, y si podia matar al gnar, ganaban la partida, esa cobardia es la diferencia entre un buen adc y el mejor. Gala top 1, muy buen remplazo del dios Uzi.

  7. RNG showed very little during this series – they literally drafted the same team comp all 4 games. would be interesting to see what cards they have up their sleeves for the final

  8. Why rng plays first tho they got second place… now they have one more day to practice & rest.. DK should have played first. weird decision by riot

  9. RNG is the better team here. Doggo looks great BUT the rest of his team is literally dogshit. These guys cant teamfight to save their lives ffs and any team that relies on ONE individual to shine and carry is NOT a good team. So RNG, move on and take that MSI trophy while PSG goes home but NOT too disappointed, they were legit the THIRD best team in this tournament imho, just need to work a hella lot on their macro and teamfighting capacity

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