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33 thoughts on “Rune Factory 5 | Nintendo Switch Gameplay”
  1. This game does not look good, at all. Which is really sad considering this series, if properly made and marketed, would have the potential to be a dominant force in the farming game genre. If someone with an actual brain and a little talent had control over this IP they would look at what Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing have done lately and expound on that on top of having satisfying hack n slash combat. This game, conceptually, should be a best seller. But because it's just being shoveled out by people who are clearly jaded and not interested in making a compelling product, it will inevitably fail. Sad.

  2. I hope there is a multiplayer like rf3 that was the funnest and best rf game coz of the multiplayer local co-op been wanting that feature back

  3. What is this nightmare? Next game out of the list. They could just port Rune Factory Frontier instead of making this bad looking nightmare. This is HORRIBLE.

  4. hmmm i hope they fix the framerate bc it doesn't look like a switch game to me :/ been a fan of rune factory series, ik it's not about the graphics but the lore & story. However, this is running on a new console so I expected the graphics to be A LOT BETTER like on the BOTW. Makes me think if this runs on the switch lite as well?

  5. Honestly, the gameplay itself (at least the combat) looks pretty solid/fun, similar to RF4, but oh my goodness everything else. The graphics are arguably passable (I really don't mind tbh), but the framerate and areas looking super bare is pretty bad. Even at the start of the video, the field entrance the area is rather big but only 1 monster. In the forest dungeon thing area, large arena like area but only a single monster spawn sphere and 3 monsters. And this doesn't include how the ground you're stepping is just a completely flat surface with no grass (not that big of a deal, but adding grass adds to the atmosphere and alleviates the bareness of the area a bit). I was gonna add that the village looks huge but there wasn't anyone outside, but it is early in the morning in-game, so maybe more villagers spawn later in day (wishful thinking, but could be the case).

    With the previous RF game the areas were smaller/more condensed, so any monster spawns essentially fixed the bareness of any area. For this game however (at least atm) the areas look really big, but the monster spawns are super minimal (and again, no grass or ground foliage for atmosphere).

    I hope in the future they fix the framerate (like the graphics don't look super demanding, so this would be up to code optimization), add grass/ground foliage (minor, but would help), and maybe add a hard mode to increase the monster spawns (or just increase monster spawns/monster spawn spheres in general). At least with a hard mode it would solve the bareness problem for large areas, assuming the hard mode would increase monster spawns. Who knows. With the western release coming probably sometime at the end of this year, maybe they'll polish this more, maybe, hopefully.

    I'm kinda glad I saw this video before pre-orders opened up, but am pretty sad. I don't even know if I'd want to buy/play this anymore despite really look forward to this.

  6. Hopefully there's a hard mode or something because I want the whole area to be swarmed with monsters please. How can the guy be running and nothings in site until we get to another big plane? Just seemed very forced

  7. Everyone talking about graphics….but for me, ni no kuni looked stunning yet the gameplay was boring so I'm yet to return. Where I'm upset on is the gameplay so far everything looks empty, lacking substance and character which is a shame. I loved rf4 and how there was monsters everywhere it just looks so empty atm

  8. Insane, super simple graphics game and cant keep with even 30 fps mehh. Time for new Nintendo Switch for lazy developers and for better smoothness gameplay with updated games.

  9. Well when i said that this game would come like crap based on the trailers no one listened, people just kept saying OMG RUNE FACTORY 5.
    Look what they did with our favorite franchise.
    If it's to release a game like that …it would be better to wait another 3 years.
    Developers look lazy AF.

  10. Huh, I was expecting more tbh they need more monster spawns the 4th one was awesome when you combo hit lots at once this like slow compared to rf4

  11. I seen the trailers for this and got SUPER HYPED!!! But dam, after seeing it in better motion it look bloody rough!! Hopefully it's a bit better worked out by the time it hits in the west.

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