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27 thoughts on “Samsung S95B QD-OLED Review: Best Gaming OLED TV Currently Available?”
  1. I wonder how much difference it is between this model 4K S95B and 8K Neo QLED QN 900B. in terms of piucture quality brightness and what more importance is how hot these TVs get after 5-8 hours of TV.

  2. Hi, Game motion plus is only available if you select 60Hz on your Xbox console. But the trade-off is totally worth it. Also for some reason VRR disabled on Xbox actually make some games run smoother in 60Hz. Hope this helps

  3. Im still keeping my c1 since I love it and I have no problems with it at all picture is amazing and the colours are really vibrant and brings and accurate picture so I won't be upgrading

  4. I myself have an LG C1 and a Ps5' but mostly game on pc. The biggest upgrade to the look of a game is the platform it's played on and not the TV. Moving from console to a high end pc, will deliver far greater improvements in graphics than playing on an upgraded panel.

  5. Not! Best over saturation of brightness and over saturation of colors TV in the market today
    It also holds the title of best inaccurate picture quality in the market today as well

  6. I just have one question
    where the hell is the tv? 😉
    US got it weeks ago but no sign of it in Europe and Sweden.
    Some even thinks that it will not be released here?

    do you know a store in the US that has the S95B and will ship to sweden?
    getting tired of waiting and only watch youtube videos of it.

  7. The SB95 is a great OLED, but I need to give it time like the 1st OLEDs that came to mark. The SB95 runs a little hot. I will wait for the Sony before I make any comparisons. Great OLED tv for Samsung to start. Let’s see how it gets better down the road and compare it to Sony. I’ve been in the OLED from Day 1 in 2012. Seen it through the hood and the bad. If you have a PERFECT black in a TV you always when I’m PQ.

  8. I have the A90J and i was really happy with it. But now that i have seen the S95B, that is just another level. When QD-Oled was announced, i thought this is probably a gimmicky marketing term for more oversaturated colors etc. I'm glad i was wrong. The brightness, ABL, colors while retaining the oled black, is next gen TV

  9. when using game motion plus on ps5, were you able to see a difference in motion clarity and smoothness . In terms of frames per second did game motion plus on 60 fps titles make the frames per second seem like 120 fps or at least 90?

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  11. Samsung still thinking HDR10+ isn’t going to be popular? Any day now I’m sure….have fun watching Netflix in HDR10 because Samsung are too egotistical to accept that HDR10+ is a shitty standard!

  12. I got a Samsung QN90A my mate said ,he had never tried connecting it online before so we put GT7 In, the introduction where it looks like a beginning of a movie started rolling,now his console is not 4k,but to me that intro looked More than 1080p,as it was 1 of the most stunning intros to a game I'd seen on a TV, stunning colours and so damn sharp & smooth running,I seen the game running on his massive 75" Sony TV,(not OLED) & it looks dull, the colour's don't pop,I assumed his TV would be as smooth as the USP was it's compatible with the PS5 , I payed more £$ per inch than him though, I spent £899 for 50, but he payed £1700 75" so he's got More TV,I think it's too big for his Room personally, you have to move your head in some cases if you toggling with an OSD which is not ideal especially on driving sims,or that's my experience,but I guess you'll get used to it, he's sitting 4ft away from it, just too close for gaming experience imo

  13. It's not double upscaling, if your device already upscales then you are reviewing the end results of the devices upscaling abilities, not the tv, it is already being fed a 4k signal at that point so no upscaling would be applied, to test the TV'S best upscaling abilities you'd need to feed it a decent blu-ray player that doesn't upscale, or cast something directly that sends a good 1080p Blu-ray version to it

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