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28 thoughts on “Sea of Thieves : The Sunken Pearl | Tall tale 2 | All Commendations walkthrough”
  1. DUDE WTF WHY DID YOU PUT A FUCKING TIME LIMIT IN THE VIDEO AND JUST SAY NOTHING ABOUT IT! Now I have to restart the hole fucking tall tale thx asshole, thx

  2. well, at the end of phase three when you need to use pulley, i get nothing, i press F and nothing happens, pressing W and S nothing happens …. bugged

  3. Quick question I’m pretty new to sea of thieves and got it because of the pirates of the Caribbean thing lol. Do you have to do all of these commendations in every tall tale to get the shanty? Or is it just the journals.

  4. I tried taking the chest of sorrow up to the scribble area from the ship and got black screened🤬 That was my last commendation too😡

  5. ive got everytime 2 bugs and more. 1 I didnt got any ressources (cannon or fruits) and The bubble, etc. are bugged af
    How can defeat without any ressources

  6. Dude that 1st phase room didnt drain for me so no enemies spawned and I drowned and on the boss fight I got locked put of the boss fight and couldn't get in the room hopefully dying fixes it

  7. im literally dead inside, i finished the tall tale but in the end i didnt know that i should break down the gem mermaids so i just went forward and when i got out, i couldnt go back because the water gate was only able to be opened from inside… then i searched for a guide about what i should do next and i found this one…. now i know that i fcked up and i have to start it all over again… thanks Rare for not telling me what to do…. <3

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