Serrated Blades Chain Blade builds – DPS Chain Blade Gameplay – Dauntless Patch 0.8.1

Yall were asking for a Chain Blade Build so I’m giving you 3. Two of them are late/end game builds and the last one in the video is an early/mid game CB build.


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  1. great video. Ty. You actually use swinging blades when running serrated blades. I noticed a couple of the other Dauntless youtubers have serrated blades videos and yet they dont use swinging blades at all during their fight =/. which baffles me since serrated blades only buffs the swinging blade attack. Keep these Dauntless videos coming.

  2. Dough I love the chain blades but I suck at dodging behemoth's attacks (i don't understand how to dodge attacks) with them can someone explain it to me, do I have to dodge into the attackdodge at the same time or does the chain blades have no invunrabillity frames at all


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