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44 thoughts on “Skyrim Aniversary – Xbox Series X Upgrade Tested”
  1. I’m having an issue on my series x upgrade. Seems like game runs at 30fps at times or game has some type of lagging to it. I tried to mess with vrr, Dolby vision changing from 120 to 60hz. Been trying to figure out if the Actual anniversary edition is different then the upgrade version

  2. One small thing I noticed, I was running it at 120fps with freesync premium active and it would occasionally stutter when running, put my series x into 60fps mode and it went away so advice: don't do what I did just run it at 60fps you can still have freesync active if your display supports it.

  3. One thing that’s really confused me. Is apparently This game has an upgrade. From Xbox one x. The game did have a 4K patch. But still ran at 30fps. This year. FPS boost was added to the the game. So it’s 60 fps. But runs at 1080p. With the anniversary edition, is the game 4K/60fps on Xbox series x?

  4. Disgusting lazy Bethesda. 10 years later and it still looks the same, 2d ropes and chains rubbish vanilla textures and no bugs removed oh but we get trash cc content. Many superior community mods no longer work because there's issues/ crashes, black screen etc.this isn't a upgrade its s@#$

  5. As the mods all ready give us 4K 60, and many other improvements, what benefits are there to have really, is it even worth upgrading. I'm always going back to Skyrim with the mods, but don't see any real benefit of upgrade.
    Great show as always, your one of the easier ones to follow when your speaking about things.

  6. The texture flicking on the walls of Whiterun are gone. These used to happen to me coming back from the other side of the western watch tower. Volumetric light has been changed. Also torches have been changed. I noticed shadows on the npcs in the throne area which weren't there before. Last, many of the textures were changed, but probably just upscaled to a higher resolution. I think the mountains look better.

  7. Well, even though no major improvements have been made, this has made me want to fire the game up again & I definitely will be playing again tonight .

  8. Guys, is this another joke from Bethesda? And so, you pay 20 USD for the "Upgrade" and that gets you…what? Seriously, a patch? I honestly don't get it, from a marketing/retail point of view.

  9. Yeah, I “upgraded” my Special Edition today and it downloaded something for like 1 second and still shows up as Special Edition on my XSX’s dashboard. Kinda disappointed so far, especially for $20. Not sure if I did something wrong or the delivery messed up, but def not really any better graphics from Special Edition at all.

  10. I have the ps5 version and the only difference from what i can tell is the frame rate and instant load times. And the file size is much smaller on ps5 at 15gb

  11. Pegasus Nation is in here trolling hard today. It's just a matter time until ponymaster420 makes his entrance. It's just a racing It's just a racing game. 😭

  12. Always great to hear what you got to say, only problem is your talking about 4K, and your video is in 1080p. It just seems weird when your trying to share your experience, yet we are unable as no 4k.
    I'm still watching it, but need to go find a 4K video afterwards to try and understand what you mean.

  13. I saw the trailer on XBOX YouTube channel. The trailer looks like XBOX one version playing. There's nothing looking cleaner or better

    A bad miss for MS. Glad you showed it.

  14. Keep saying it xbox has the best games while ps is stuck with remasters reason i got an xbsx in the first place was there is nothing on the ps5 all the games are on the xb thats why my ps5 is still collecting dust holding my door open 👍👍👍👍

  15. After starting a new character, again for like the 5-6 time, I can say that although the graphics technology per say was not upgraded, I do believe the textures are upgraded to 4K. Character selection proves this. Again, the models haven’t been redone but the texture do appear sharper. Draw distance also seems greater and more detailed than before. I wish certain graphical technologies were used/upgraded but its still ok for another play. I myself have never finished this story, i only got through 2/3 as I just loved exploring and discovering dungeons, etc.

  16. They just need to do what BluePoint did with Demon Souls. Remake Skyrim with new graphics and content.. They do that I will be sold on it again.
    Maybe that's why Bethesda created a new studio called Artifact studios.

  17. anniversary edition/upgrade is a scam. even under options, we still can't separately disable the annoying compass hud etc. (the related mod only works for xbox/pc, with option to use dot reticle. but installed mods could break.) performance is still hit and miss. graphics no change AT ALL. the 20 bucks of content doesn't even include much. lazy greedy bethesda. f 'em.

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