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24 thoughts on “So a Geth Walks into The Migrant Fleet… Mass Effect 2 | Blind Playthrough”
  1. If you want to see more of these kinds of scenes, I recommend watching the video "Legion's RAREST HIDDEN DIALOGUE in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition (Recruiting Garrus, Grunt, Etc)"

  2. I find this story option ridiculous… she's on trial for send active geth parts….while standing next to an active geth lol. Pretty sure the entire migrant fleet would mobilizer to kill it immediately.

  3. I can't begin to explain how much I love Legion. Along with Thane, the two of them make me question life itself and my place in the world. It's very rare for a video game to achieve this and is just a testament to the amazing writing, world-building and character development. Crazy. I'm glad I get to share this enjoyment with Mapo and fellow commenters below!

  4. Always thought it was interesting that Admiral Koris immediately tries to rally the crowd over the "threat" of a geth, despite being the one Admiral in favour of making peaceful overtures to them. Maybe it's just an oversight by the devs and I'm reading too much into it, but it could be a subtle indicator of him being pretty terrible at presenting a consistent case for peace, which is why his views in the migrant fleet are such a minority.

  5. Yeah it's not so much a bug but more of a poor audio mixing choice by the devs. Tali's dialogue let's you know you can hear the Admirals deliberating already, but you're correct that the way it's done seems like you're in the room standing next to them and listening. What they should have done is have the Admiral's voices coming in over a PA system or something instead.

  6. For the most number of paragon and renegade conversation options in a game, pick paragon replies when they are there but when they are not and there is a renegade option, pick that and not the neutral one. That way you keep adding a little more to the renegade in addition to your main paragon bar. True in Mass Effect 3, too …!

  7. Hello, I’m a fan of our blind play through. I, however, am not a fan of the comment section. This is your blind play through, not their’s. They’ve obviously played this trilogy before and want you to play a certain way. Play it the way you play. To the viewers I’m putting my foot down during the final and BEST game in the series! Do not spoil it! Don’t say anything about it! Don’t voice your opinion on his decisions until the end!

  8. Wow!!

    Is the comment section always like this?

    You missed this. You should have done that. If only you cared more. This is what you’re gonna see next.

    What’s going on people, you’re better than this.

    Mapocolops, you’re DOING GREAT. Play your game. Your game, the way you want. The thing is, that’s what we’re really here for. Go on with your badass Shepard self.

    All of these judgmental and spoilery comments are unnecessary and undeserved. Do your thing M-dog.

  9. Well, now it’s done. Tali proves she never, ever brought active Geth by proving she …brings active Geth aboard the Migrant Fleet.


    As a fan of this playthrough who has also played ME2 many different ways I’d like to say thank you for making the thoughtful choice of saving the option of bringing Legion to the fleet until a later playthrough. Smart. Having made this choice the first time you played would have, very contrary to what others advised in the comments, eliminated the possibility for the outcome you achieved with your first play ME2.

    In previous videos you’ve uploaded Mapocolops you made requests of us, your viewers and fans, to both try to be positive with our comments as well as decline to “back seat” by giving too much information that would spoil a game filled with many different variations and surprises. I hope your reasonable appeal was largely respected.

    At this point it is fair for you to know about, if you haven’t learned already and without spoilers, the internal ME2 game mechanism that would have changed your outcome. All games of this type, RPG’s that allow players to make different choices that influence the course of the story, have behind the scenes design mechanics that respond to the discussions that are being made.

    With Mass Effect 2 the Reaper IFF mission is a point in the story that activates one of those mechanics. Once a player has obtained the IFF they are very limited in how many missions they can then make before the Collectors attack the Normandy and abduct the crew. Once that attack has taken place every mission Shepard makes that isn’t the final mission will cost crew lives. In other words, the rare and amazing outcome you achieved M-Dog, having saved all of your team and Normandy crew members would have been impossible if you’d followed the earlier advice given to you and had taken Legion to the Migrant Fleet before doing his and Samara’s loyalty missions.

    If you’d like to know more about how these game mechanics work with ME2 there are many, readily available websites that detail this information.

    As always, thanks for letting us all share this experience, your first playthrough of a game so many of us love very much. You make this fun and surprising and interesting and memory inducing and “Wait, no! Don’t take Grunt on this mission! He doesn’t have…. But why in the world would you ….. Oh, wait, what?!? I never saw that before, oh my God.”

    Looking forward to your ME3 run M-Dog. It’s going to be a blast watching you totally fuck that up too! .


  10. Lowkey think the mission would have been better designed if the second you enter the Migrant Fleet the guards yell "GETH! TAKE COVER!" and blast you and your squad to bits, leading to a critical mission failure.
    Then you can go back to picking your squad like a non-idiot

  11. Legion is a bit of a "problematic" character because most players will get to him towards the end of the main story, so they won't come back to him for episodic dialogue after each mission. The game will simply end too soon. However, because there is also the possibility to go after him waaay earlier (likely before ANY loyalty mission), his otherwise rich and interresting dialogue needs to be episodic in order to not make him feel boring too early. So yeah, most players probably don't get to see what you showed in this episode. In fact, there may be even MORE dialogue, if you just had more missions available to play before taking with him again.

  12. "Yo dawg, I heard you've been accused of treason for bringing active Geth onboard, so I brought an active Geth onboard to prove your innocence for bringing active Geth onboard."

  13. I think you could've gotten one or two more conversations with Legion, but the subject matter of those convos is something for you to discover on a possible replay of the game 🙂

    Bringing Legion to the Migrant Fleet certainly isn't something that most players end up doing on a first playthrough, but once I discovered it actually makes a difference I've had a really hard time not taking Legion there.

    Sure, it ruffles some feathers, but a big part of Shepard's journey is about dismantling prejudices between different species and this is one such opportunity. I think it's good for Tali and the quarians in general in the long run. At the very least some quarians might come to the realisation that not all geth are using all their processing power to plot the demise of the quarian 'race'.

    Most people arguing against this gloss over the fact that Tali was charged with bringing active geth to the fleet for a secret project, not just in general, so Legion clearly couldn't have been part of that. Legion's obviously not being kept secret and it/he/they are already active. And given Tali and Shepard's rep from the actions in ME1, this geth must be different. Plus the captain pushes back on the idea and the player actually needs to pass a charisma check to get Legion to stay and that's enough of a reaction for me.

  14. Rally The Crowd is in that unusual "balanced" spot because, well…it's technically a secret option. It only appears if you don't hand over Veetor to Cerberus, save Reegar on Haestrom and then talk to both of them before the trial.

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