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27 thoughts on “Sonic Frontiers – Announce Trailer”
  1. i have a lot of faith in this

    it'll probably be very buggy in its first ever launch which wouldnt be that suprising

    but im sure this will be a great sonic game

  2. They have really REALLY gotta make playing as Sonic smoother and tighter than ever before in this game. I'm talking Ori and Spider-man levels of fluid motion and make the map complement the skillset of sonic. I know this is a really basic note but they fudged it the last few games and it's going to be SO important in an open world setting

  3. They always mess up the tone in these games. They need to give up on the serious shit, make a fun light hearted game. It's a fkn hedgehog with running shoes

  4. Honestly not sure why people are getting their hopes up. Those open world fan games are each cute for an hour before they get old, and this is just another attempt at a non-Sonic format. They're grasping at random straws instead of sticking to their guns with what already worked before. Why they keep refusing to acknowledge it, I don't know.

    If nothing else, though, it's nice to see a more blue shade of blue and the longer spines. Still, that's not going to redeem the hot mess of disappointment I'm expecting.

  5. Man…. More than anything I would die if they would actually bring back my chao garden somehow some way because with online connectivity it could be absolutely mind blowing and more interactive than ever before

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