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29 thoughts on “Sonic Frontiers Reveal Trailer| Game Awards 2021”
  1. Looked to me like the fields that were shown was lagging in movement, I wish it was the original VA from Sonic Unleashed, and we want to see Shadow gliding when he is boosting at high speeds, and not 2 of his glider shoes in air stuck together cahh it just looks wrong, it would be good if a lot of people just complained about it then it would change for him, and look way better, just gonna be patient now and see what this game brings

  2. Man I hope the Sonic game will turn out good Maybe This Could Be Sonic Adventure 3 perhaps perhaps not but I hope this Sonic game will turn out good and not like Sonic 06 I won't lie I do like the music from Sonic 06 to be honest but other than that I hope it doesn't turn out like Sonic 06

  3. This gives headache of Sonic and the 7 rings for thousand times. Sonic looks like Chris Hemsworth or Craig Roger Smith i mean seriously He's My Favorite Actor or Mike Polloche From 4Kids Cast or Anime Dubs, I hope Sonic froniter will get canclled.

  4. I personally don't see an open-world like game being appropriate for Sonic. It just feels a bit off, and it concerns me that they're only doing this to keep up with the recent open world trend in gaming lately. Bit frustrating… please be a good Sonic game.

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