Space Mountain Men – Disneyland Adventures Gameplay

All the magic and excitement of a real trip to Disneyland, without the high prices, sweltering heat, and teenagers trying to bang next to you on Pirates of the …


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  1. This video made my little Disney fanatic heart so happy! I've literally dreamed so many times about running into Funhaus peeps at Disneyland and getting to go on a ride with them. 😂

    Also, Bruce, if it helps, everyone always thinks my dad is Joe Montana, and he would never reject you.

  2. Ugh I barely even recognized Caiti with those terrible glasses, I thought it was a different Katie than Jack's wife. I wish we could burn all clear framed plastic 90's glasses in a pile of high waisted light washed jeans on a base of white Keds.
    Elise was on goddamn point though with the jokes.


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