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28 thoughts on “Square Enix Sells Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider, and More – Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.02.22”
  1. I mean they confirmed that the next Tomb Raider is still in development at Crystal Dynamics, and the partnership with Microsoft & The Initiative for Perfect Dark is still very much a thing. Meanwhile there were rumors that as a result of the acquisition, Eidos Montreal is already in the early stages of planning a new Deus Ex game on Unreal Engine 5. I think these studios will be fine under Embracer so long as they're hands off and give the devs all the time and money they need to build a quality product.

  2. How the heck did Tim think to put Konami or square enix over EA? The third party publishers I think of that did E3 conferences are EA and Ubisoft.

  3. I don’t understand why Sony or Microsoft wouldn’t jump on these studios and IP for only 300m I mean theses days that’s the cost of developing 1 AAA game. It’s such a steal I just don’t get it.

  4. I disagree with Tim on this I think this is a great thing for these studios. Embracer has shown they aren't afraid to revisit really old franchises so Legacy of Kain fans should be stoked. Embracer also has a lot of good games in the 7-9 range, right now I think they are throwing everything they have at the wall and seeing what sticks, that's why they put out ports to kingdoms of amalur and spongebob. In a year or two they will solidify their tentpole franchises and I think their games will start rising in prominence imo, I like this move because all those games people have been clamouring for for years from Crystal Dynamics will start to see the light of day. I am hoping personally they try and turn avengers around too.

  5. I'm a bit scared for the teams in this acquisition. If it is true that they were making a loss. There's probably alot of layoffs coming or the studios or if itbgoes bad it might end up even shutting down. At least at a big publisher like square enix they have the money to keep them afloat if they do make a loss.

  6. I'd be really curious to see how all of these deals play out. Especially netherrealm. My personal theory is that the deal to keep Spider-Man in the mcu a couple years ago Lead to spiderman being a playststion exclusive character. Sony could totally but netherrealm and make a new marvel fighting game and hold the Spider-Man movie rights hostage to make it happen

  7. Forgetting nintendo in this. Triangle strategy just came out. Live a live is coming. They have many square exclusives as well. Let's hope they stay independent so everyone wins

  8. I just have this odd feeling that getting these developers away from Square Enix now allows Microsoft to get them later. There isn't anything coming out of these developers right now it's not an issue but Microsoft securing Tomb Raider as their hero adventure platform would be big.

  9. Good, I'm sick of Square Enix just pushing shitty NFT scams and them axing great IP's because they didn't 'meet expectations' when they expect a game to out sell some of the biggest games ever, over and over. Maybe we get a new Deus Ex now.

  10. Man I hate to disagree with Tim’s take here, but this has poor Square management written all over it. They have completely undervalued these studios and are so desperate for cash due to their bumbling management and poor strategy that Embracer was able to get away with a steal here. Embracer has a proven track record of letting studios do their thing and produce smaller AA titles rather than forcing them to do AAA live service cash grabs like Square does with CD and Platinum. Square is completely rudderless, and it’s increasingly clear that within the next five years they’ll have gone the pachinko route of Konami

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  12. Tim’s argument for SQEX selling their western studios to get bought by either Microsoft or Sony makes no sense.

    Why would they A) want to sell in the first place when they’ve made it abundantly clear “We Are Not For Sale!” & B) why sell off studios & IPs thus making you less valuable as a company, it makes no sense.

    SQ have sold their western division because it’s not financially viable to keep them, mainly cause they have ridiculous sales expectations but they saw the numbers, it’s not making what they expect, it’s loosing them money, so they sold it off, they want to invest in NFTs & Blockchain & Mobile Games, stuff that’ll make them movie, especially in Japan.

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