Stay in the Light – early gameplay

Ray tracing via Unreal Engine with procedurally generated levels. This sample was recorded on an RTX 2080 Ti running at 1080p, with a Core i7-8700K CPU …


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  1. Ray tracing via Unreal Engine with procedurally generated levels. That is the main purpose of this video. This is one of a 6 or 7 games in the world currently that supports this so that is the whole point of the video.

  2. Shitty pre-alpha gameplay aside, I like the idea of the use of a mirror to monitor what's behind you in real time, while playing FPP horror games. It forces you to monitor 2 perspectives at the same time, which can ramp up the tension. Especially if the sound design is good too. Couple this with procedurally generated levels that can potentially change direction, design & morph into entirely different areas you were in when you last past through them… you have yourself a real labyrinth. Now they just need to build a decent game with decent story around these innovations.

  3. The big problem I can't ignore is that the torch is a living fire which gets bigger/smaller, moves around as you move, moves to wind etc. but its reflections are treated as if it was static. Its especially bad on the mirror.


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